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Crochet is a great way to slow down and relax, but sometimes it can be more difficult to try and figure out what you want to crochet than to actually crochet.  If you are having this issue, then I’m here to help you with 101 fun ideas on what to crochet when you are bored!

I know when I was younger that my mom hated us using the word ‘bored’ so it was barely ever heard in our house.  She told us that if we were bored that there was always something to be cleaned so we learned early on to never sit under her and say we are bored.  Apparently me and my siblings would rather have been bored than clean or fold laundry, LOL.  

But, I will admit that sometimes you just have those days that you don’t know what to do and you are actually bored.  Crochet is a great thing to do to help keep the boredom blues away and I’ll be sharing 101 project that are sure to keep you busy!  

And, the best things about all these crochet projects?  They are all FREE crochet patterns!

What to Crochet When You Are Bored?

Whether you are bored and learning to crochet as a new hobby or have lost your crojo (that’s mojo but in crochet, haha), you could crochet so many different things like Dish cloths, Coasters, Baby Hats, Scrubbies, Amigurumi or even a mug cozy, the list could literally go on forever. 

Even if you are maybe bored of working on the same crochet project and want to do something different or to work on smaller projects, I got you covered!

I’ve broken it down into different sections with a different topic of fun crochet ideas underneath each section.  So, whether you are wanting something useful to crochet or a small project, I’m sure you will find the perfect project to crochet!

Go grab your crochet hook and yarn because here is the ultimate list of 101 things to crochet when you are bored!

Things for your Kitchen

There are so many crochet items that you can make for your kitchen.  These are some of my top picks!

1. Plastic Grocery Bag Holder by Okie Girl Bling ‘n’ Things

2. Mini Mitts Potholders by Crochet Dreamz

3. Easy Mop Cover by Grace & Yarn

4. Sunflower Potholders by Nana’s Crafty Home

5. Modern Round Potholders by Okie Girl Bling ‘n’ Things

6. Pan Protectors by Heart Hook Home

7. Double thick Potholders by Okie Girl Bling ‘n’ Things

8. Casserole Carrier by Heart Hook Home

9. Kitchen Scrubbies by Okie Girl Bling ‘n’ Things

Easy Crochet Projects

These easy crochet patterns are perfect for even beginner crocheters to make as most of them are made with simple stitches.  Even if you are maybe working on a larger project and want some easy patterns to make when you take a break from your larger project, these are a great choice.

10. Double Crochet Dishcloths by Okie Girl Bling ‘n’ Things

11Easy Bookmarks by Jo to the World Creations

12. Ridged Fingerless Gloves by My Crochet Space

13. Double Crochet Scarf by Okie Girl Bling ‘n’ Things

14. Bubble Bugs by A Crafty Conept

15. Round Cotton Face Scrubbies by Okie Girl Bling ‘n’ Things

16. Easy Rug Mugs by Jo to the World Creations

17. Keychain Buddy by Jo to the World Creations

18. Amigurumi Heart by Okie Girl Bling ‘n’ Things

Useful Crochet Projects

This is a selection of cool crochet ideas that you could find yourself using every day.  So many of these patterns make for great gifts!

19. Soap Saver Bag by Briana K Designs

20. Glasses Case by Okie Girl Bling ‘n’ Things

21. Country Cottage Cozy by The Turtle Trunk

22. Keychain Wristlets by You Should Craft

23. Bath Pouf by Thoresby Cottage

24. Faux Fur Seat Belt Cover by Okie Girl Bling ‘n’ Things

25. Mason Jar Covers by Cute as a Button Crochet

26. Granny Stripe Steering Wheel Cover by Okie Girl Bling ‘n’ Things

27. Picot Ice Cream Pint Holder by The Turtle Trunk

Small Crochet Projects

These are some fun & quick crochet projects that take a very little amount of time to actually make.  If you are tired of working on large projects then this section is for you!  Every pattern in this section only takes 1 skein of yarn (really a lot less than that even, leftover yarn works great for them) because they are small projects.

28. Mini Octopi by Okie Girl Bling ‘n’ Things

29. Water Bottle Holder by Jo to the World Creations

30. Cottage Comfort Dishcloth by Daisy Cottage Designs

31. Coffee Cozy by Jo to the World Creations

32. Chunky Hearts by Okie Girl Bling ‘n’ Things

33. Exfoliating Scrubbie by Me ‘n’ My Hook

34. T-Rex Backpack Buddy by The Loopy Lamb

35. Face Scrubbie Mitts by Yarn Craftee

36. Cute Bandana by Hay Hay Crochet

Adorable Crochet Projects

I’m going to put a bunch of baby crochet things in this section because what can possibly be cuter than teeny, tiny baby crochet items?!  A lot of these things would also make for great baby shower gifts!

37. Baby Socks by Adore Crea

38. Chunky Bear Hat by Crochet Dreamz

39. Cute Baby Hats by Okie Girl Bling ‘n’ Things

40. Adorable Baby Blanket by Jo to the World Creations

41 Baby Adventure Sweater by Daisy Farm Crafts

42. Dino Baby Lovey by Okie Girl Bling ‘n’ Things

43. Worsted Weight Bear Baby Beanies by Okie Girl Bling ‘n’ Things

44. Unicorn Baby Lovey by Okie Girl Bling ‘n’ Things

45. Baby Booties by Sarah Maker

Crochet Coasters

Grab your cotton yarn and make some of these coasters!   Coasters make for such fun crochet projects and they also make for the perfect gift idea!

46. Daisy Flower Coasters by Okie Girl Bling ‘n’ Things

47. Heart Coasters by Stitching Together

48. Unique Heart Coasters by Desert Blossom Crafts

49. Pumpkin Patch Coasters by Okie Girl Bling ‘n’ Things

50. Coffee Coasters by Repeat Crafter Me

51. Cactus Coasters by Sewrella

52. Boho Coasters by For the Frills

53. Snowman Coasters by Okie Girl Bling ‘n’ Things

54. Rainbow Coasters by Stitch by Fay

Miscellaneous Crochet Patterns

This section is full of a bunch of different types of easy projects that are great to crochet when you are bored!  

55. Picot Headband by The Turtle Trunk

56. Giraffe Amigurumi by Okie Girl Bling ‘n’ Things

57. Chicken Coasters by Denton Foreman

58. Simple Pillow by Jo to the World Creations

59. Unicorn Amigurumi by Okie Girl Bling ‘n’ Things

60. Rover Circle Bag by Taylor Lynn Crochet

61. Heart Cup Cozy by Okie Girl Bling ‘n’ Things

62. Flower Freeze Pop Holder by Jo to the World Creations

63. Summer Harvest Market Bag by Stitchberry Blog

64. Beginner Shawl by Okie Girl Bling ‘n’ Things

65. Waffle Stitch Dishcloths by I Can Crochet That

66. Twisted Cup Cozy by Winding Road Crochet

67. Ombre Scarf by Easy Crochet

68. No Sew Cupcakes by Little Crochet Farm

69. Easy Tote Bag by Jo to the World Creations

70. Claire Cup Cozy by A Crafty Concept

71. Car Vent Clip by Heart Hook Home

72. Beach Bag by Jo to the World Creations

73. Flower Face Scrubbies by Kirsten Holloway Designs

74. Car Sun Shades by Heart Hook Home

75. Beach Chair Caddy by A Crocheted Simplicity

76. Watermelon Cup Cozy by Crochet 365 Knit Too

77. Millie Hanging Basket by The Loophole Fox

78. Easy Bath Mat by Okie Girl Bling ‘n’ Things

79. Travel Pillow by Heart Hook Home

80. C2C Washcloths by Okie Girl Bling ‘n’ Things

81. Retro Flower Pillow by Kitz Knitz

82. No Sew Turtle Plush by The Friendly Red Fox

83. Such Simple Shawl by Wilmade

84. Axolotl Amigurumi by 

85. Gracie Doll by A Crafty Concept

86. Paw Print Pillow Cover by Jo to the World Creations

87. Denim Triangle Scarf by Okie Girl Bling ‘n’ Things

88. Flower Pillow by Maria’s Blue Crayon

89. Santa Pillow by Maria’s Blue Crayon

90. Peanut’s Cat Couch by TL Yarn Crafts

91. Granny Squares by Okie Girl Bling ‘n’ Things

92. Reusable Water Balloons by Left in Knots

93. Poptart Amigurumi by Stringy Ding Ding

94. Strawberry Granny Squares by Raffamusa Designs

95. Bee Amigurumi by Grace & Yarn

96. No Sew Mini Frog by Stitching With Sab

97. Egg Gathering Apron by Heart Hook Home

98. Dog Bandana by Okie Girl Bling ‘n’  Things

99. Granny Triangle Shawl by Okie Girl Bling ‘n’ Things

Now we are down to the very last 2 things of what to crochet when you are bored.  

100. Donut Amigurumi by Okie Girl Bling ‘n’ Things

The best part about these little donuts?  They are calorie free!  Plus, they are such a quick project too!

And, finally time for the very LAST free pattern of this list…….

101. Rainbow Monsters by Natalina Crafts

These are so cute made in different colors!  I could see them being big sellers at craft fairs because they are the cutest things!

From a simple dishcloth pattern to amigurumi toys, I hope that you have found a free pattern that you will enjoy making and kick away that boredom blues!

If you are still looking for even more fun crochet patterns, then check out these other crochet pattern round ups!

That wraps up this round up for 101 Fun Projects to Crochet When You Are Bored! I hope that you have found a project that you love and will enjoy crocheting!

Happy Crocheting!

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  1. Are we sisters?! Bored was a word we never said either…chores were abundant or Mom would crest fun projects like making flower pots from clay in our backyard or learning to knit or crochet or embroidery. That was great!