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This is the perfect Crochet Swimsuit Cover Up Pattern for the Summer season.  It’s simple in design and works up very easily with a cotton and linen blend yarn.  Talk about giving me all the Summer Vibes.

It is made with simple crochet stitches that provide the perfect, airy texture that will make this piece a staple in you summer wardrobe.  The stitching for this piece makes for such a breathable fabric that even in the summer heat on extremely hot days, this cute cover-up will still be airy and comfortable to wear.

If you have followed me for very long, then you may recognize this beautiful crochet pattern.  I created it a few years ago and decided to really give it an update and some new pictures.  And, I also made this one in a totally different yarn and I love how it turned out!

The last one I had made, I used a Lion Brand yarn named ‘Coboo’ which is a Cotton and Bamboo blend yarn.  It is also a lightweight #3, DK yarn.  It comes in variety of colors and I was just checking out Lion Brand’s website and they have even recently added a few new colors in the Coboo yarn.

​If you are wondering about what yarn I chose to use for this cover up, I chose to use CotLin from We Crochet.  It is a cotton and linen blend yarn that works up beautifully!  There are a lot more color options for this yarn too as opposed to the Coboo yarn.

Between the 2 different yarns, the Coboo is a smoother more silky type of yarn and the CotLin resembles more of the texture of a traditional cotton yarn.  But, both yarns are a great choice for this project.

This easy crochet pattern is made to fit sizes XXS – 5X.  And, when I say easy, I mean it.  It’s made mostly by using double crochet stitches and some treble crochet stitches which are also known as triple crochets.

If you are wanting an oversized cover up, then I would definitely recommend sizing up.  I chose to make my true size, the S/M for a more fitted cover up.

Could a Beginner Crochet this Pattern?

As long as you know your basic stitches and crochet terminology, then I would say yes, beginner crocheters could easily make this free pattern.  

It has such an easy construction with basically crocheting just a rectangle until you split for the neck area, but that is still a very easy part of this crochet project.

But don’t think that if you have crocheted for a very long time that you won’t enjoy making this amazing crochet beach cover up!  It is a great pattern for even a more advanced crocheter.

What is the Best Yarn for a Swimsuit Cover Up?

One of the best types of yarn to make a swimsuit cover up with is a cotton yarn or a cotton blend yarn.  Other yarns that would work great include linen, bamboo or any other natural fiber.  I’d definitely avoid using any acrylic or wool yarn.

The reason being that Cotton is so breathable and it’s perfect for those warmer months in the summer.  It also absorbs water so it can help dry you off after you go for a swim.  Plus, it’s easy to wash and is very durable.

I chose to use a cotton and linen blend yarn called CotLin from We Crochet.  It was the perfect yarn to make this swimsuit cover up with.  I chose to use it in the color “Conch”, but there are over 40 different colors that the CotLin yarn is available in.  You might even want to make a few cover ups in different colors!

If you want to use a different yarn than the CotLin, any cotton or cotton blend yarn would work great for this cover up as long as the yarn weight is a lighter weight, #3 (DK) yarn and that you can obtain the correct gauge for this pattern with that specific yarn.

Ways to Style This Swimsuit Cover Up

Not only would this piece look great over your swimsuit, it would also look fabulous wore over a tank top and denim shorts (or even skinny jeans) for a fun everyday look.  I wish I had thought when I was taking photos of this piece to wear it with my denim shorts and a tank top so y’all could see what it would look like.

It’s the perfect lightweight garment pattern that has simple construction.  It’s perfect to grab and throw on for the perfect crochet cover up.

You could even shorten the cover up and not make it as long and it would still be so cute!

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Crochet Swimsuit Cover Up Pattern

All crochet terms are US terms.

Skill Level – Easy / Late Beginner 

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Things you will need:

  • CotLin Yarn from We Crochet in the color Conch (dk yarn, 123 yds per skein) XXS/XS – 700 yds / 6 skeins ( S/M – 800 yds / 7 skeins, L/XL – 920 yds / 8 skeins, 2X/3X – 1,050 yds / 9 skeins, 4X/5X – 1,200 yds / 10 skeins)
  • H / 5.00 mm Crochet Hook
  • Yarn Needle
  • Scissors
  • Tape Measure


  • XXS – XS (will fit a 24”-30” Bust)
  • S-M (will fit a 32”-38” Bust)
  • L-XL (will fit a 42”-46” Bust)
  • 2X-3X (will fit a 48”-54” Bust)
  • 4X-5X (will fit a 56”-62” Bust)

Finished Measurements:

  • XXS – XS – approx. 16.5” across back (laid flat) and 35” long
  • S-M – approx. 20” across back (laid flat) and 35” long
  • L-XL – approx. 24.5” across back (laid flat) and 37” long
  • 2X-3X – approx. 30” across back (laid flat) and 37” long
  • 4X-5X – approx. 35.5” across back (laid flat) and 39” long

Stitch Key:

  • sc = single crochet
  • hdc = half double crochet
  • dc = double crochet
  • tr = treble crochet
  • ch = chain
  • t = turn
  • sk = skip
  • sp = space
  • sl st = slip stitch
  • st = stitch (es)


  • 14 st x 8 r = 4” in double crochet


  1. Pattern is written with 5 sizes XXS-XS (S-M, L-XL, 2X-3X, 4X-5X)
  2. The pattern starts by crocheting the back panel, then the front panels right onto the cover up
  3. Model is 5’, wearing a size S-M, with a 38’’ bust.
  4. Final stitch count is given at the end of each round in ( )
  5. I will include other notes throughout the pattern when needed.

Pattern –

Pattern –

Start the Back Panel:

Back Panel should measure 16.5” (20”, 24.5”, 30”, 35.5”) across

As long as you are within 2” of my measurements, you will be fine.

Row 1: ch 60 (72, 88, 106, 126), dc in 3rd ch from hook and in each ch st across 58 (70, 86, 104, 124)

Row 2-4: ch 3 (counts as dc here and throughout), t, dc in each st across 58 (70, 86, 104, 124)

Row 5: ch 5 (counts as a tr here and throughout), t, tr in 1st st, * ch 1, sk a st, tr* repeat * to * around 58 (70, 86, 104, 124)

Since our beginning chains count as a stitch, this is the 1st stitch for each row.

Row 6: ch 3, t, dc in every ch and tr st across 58 (70, 86, 104, 124)

Row 7-9: ch 3, t, dc in each st across. 58 (70, 86, 104, 124)

Row 10- 49 (49, 54, 54, 59): repeat rows 5-9 58 (70, 86, 104, 124)

Row 50 (50, 55, 55, 60): ch 5, t, tr in 1st st, * ch 1, sk a st, tr* repeat * to * around 58 (70, 86, 104, 124)

Row 51 (51, 56, 56, 61): ch 3, t, dc in every ch and tr st across 58 (70, 86, 104, 124)

Row 52 (52, 57, 57, 62): ch 3, t, dc in each st across. 58 (70, 86, 104, 124)

Split for 1 of the front panels

Row 53 (53, 58, 58, 63): ch 3, t, dc in 21 (25, 31, 39, 49) st only.  22 (26, 32, 40, 50)

Row 54 (54, 59, 59, 64): ch 3, t, dc in each st across 22 (26, 32, 40, 50)

Row 55 (55, 60, 60, 65) – 104 (104, 109, 109, 114): repeat rows 5-9  22 (26, 32, 40, 50)

Cut yarn. 

Other Front Panel:

Attach the yarn on the other side of the cover up and repeat rows 53 (53, 58, 58, 63) – 104 (104, 109, 109, 114) for the other side. 

Lay the cover up flat and fold over the front panels and line them up with the back panel

To attach the back panel to the front panel, I just slip stitched down the edges and left a 8” (8”, 9”, 9”, 10”) opening at the top end for the armhole

You could also stitch the edges together with a yarn needle.

Once you have both sides attached, turn the cover up inside out.

I like to add a row of single crochet around each armhole and around the front edges and neckline of the cover.  Cut yarn and weave in all ends.

I’d love to see your creations that you make from all of my patterns, be sure to tag me @okiegirlblingnthings on Instagram so I can see. Whether you make this Crochet Swimsuit Cover Up Pattern or something else entirely, tag me!

Happy crocheting!

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