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Looking for some fun and creative crochet bag patterns?  Well then, you are in the right place because I have gathered up 30 awesome and FREE crochet bag patterns in this post!

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What Yarn Works Best for a Crochet Bag?

Both acrylic yarn and cotton yarn are good choices for making a crochet bag.  But, I will say that cotton yarn seems to hold up better and is more sturdy than acrylic.  A medium-weight cotton yarn is a popular choice that a lot of crochet bag patterns use.

If I just had to pick one type of yarn to make crochet bags with, I’d say that cotton is the best yarn for the job!

Here are a few of my favorite brands of cotton yarns that I really like!

Different Types of Crochet Bags

Did you know that there are different styles of bags that you can crochet?  These are a few of the different types of crochet tote bags that you can make.

Farmer’s Market Tote Bags: Instead of using plain, reusable bags, a lot of people will crochet larger, mesh style bags that they take with them to the farmer’s market and put fresh produce in.  

Purses:  Did you know that you can not only crochet a purse, but that you can also line the inside of it and add leather handles to make it more into a purse or handbag?  The options are never ending when it comes to crochet.

Crossbody Bags: Instead of making traditional shoulder bags, you can make the strap longer for a crossbody bag.

Zipper Pouches: Did you know that you can even add zippers to crochet?  You can even make small zipper pouches and use them as coin purses.  Or, if you make the right size of zipper pouch you can even use it as a crochet hook pouch.

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Enjoy these 30 FREE Crochet Bag Patterns!

1. Textured Tote Bag

Textured tote bag crochet pattern by Jo to the World Creations

This bag looks absolutely amazing even when it is crocheted in a solid color with no striping detail.  And, it is all thanks to that amazing texture!  This is more than your basic crochet tote bag pattern

Find the Textured Tote Bag Crochet Pattern by Jo to the World Creations

2. Zigzag Bag

Zizag Bag crochet pattern by zeens and roger

This is a beautiful bag!  It has a very modern style and I love the different bright colors used to create the fun chevron pattern.  This crochet purse pattern is even lined and finished off with leather handles.

Find the Zigzag Bag Crochet Pattern by Zeens and Roger

3. Summer Retro Tote Bag

Summer Retro Tote Bag Pattern by a crocheted simplicity

This is the perfect pattern if you are looking for a bag pattern that is simple and has a pop of color throughout the bag.  This would be the perfect bag to take to the beach.

Find the Summer Retro Tote Bag Pattern by A Crocheted Simplicity

4. Farmers Market Bag

Farmers Market Bag by Jewels and Jones

Crochet market bags are always so fun and this is the absolute perfect pattern!  If you make your own bags to take to grocery stores, then you will definitely want to make this free pattern!

Find the Farmers Market Bag Pattern by Jewels & Jones

5. On the Bias Tote Bag

on the bias tote bag pattern by a crocheted simplicity

This super cute bag is made with basic crochet stitches.  It is also just made out of a rectangle shape.  So, if you can crochet a rectangle, then you can make this tote bag.

Find the One the Bias Tote Bag Crochet Pattern by A Crocheted Simplicity  

6. Granny Square Bag

Granny Square bag crochet pattern by jewels and jones

This amazing crochet pattern is so simple yet so beautiful!  I’ve always loved the simplicity of granny squares, especially when they are made in many different colors, but I’m really loving this basic, more solid color granny square bag.

Find the Granny Square Bag Pattern by Jewel & Jones

7. Circle Bag

circle bag crochet pattern by make and do crew

Don’t want to make a traditional square or rectangular shaped bag?  Then why not try this cute pattern.  I love the contrast in colors between the should straps and the bag itself, so pretty!

Find the Circle Bag Crochet Pattern by Make & Do Crew

8. Expandable Market Bag

expandable tote bag crochet pattern by make and do crew

Grab your favorite color of cotton yarn and make this cute and versatile market bag.  You will find plenty of room in this tote bag pattern.

Find the Expandable Market Bag Crochet Pattern by Make & Do Crew

9. Fiesta Scrap Bag

fiesta scrap bag pattern by mama in a stitch

This bag pattern is made with cotton yarn and simple crochet stitches like the half double crochet.  It is such a cute and practical project to make!

Find the Fiesta Scrap Bag Crochet Pattern by Mama in a Stitch

10. Magnolia Granny Square Bag

Magnolia Granny Square Bag pattern by mama in a stitch

Granny Squares will always have my heart and this bag is no exception!  I love the colors of this beautiful bag!

Find the Magnolia Granny Square Bag Crochet Pattern by Mama in a Stitch

11. The Seaside Beach Tote

seaside tote bag pattern by mason jar yarn designs

Looking for the perfect beach bag pattern?  I think you may have just found it!  This one is super cute and easy.  It uses simple crochet stitches like single crochet and double crochet to make this bag.

Find the Seaside Beach Tote Pattern by Mason Jar Yarn Designs

12. Easy Bag Pattern

Easy Tote Bag Pattern by Jo to the World Creations

This pattern uses one of my favorite stitches called the Moss stitch which is also known as the linen stitch.  There is even a full video tutorial for this particular pattern!

Find the Easy Bag Pattern by Jo to the World Creations

13. Springtime Farmer’s Market Bag

Springtime Farmer's Market Bag Pattern by Okie Girl Bling n Things

If you are wanting a farmer’s market style bag that has some fun color to it, then this is the perfect project for you!  You could even easily make the shoulder straps longer to make it go over the shoulder if you wanted to.

Find the Springtime Farmer’s Market Bag Pattern by Okie Girl Bling n Things

14. Paw Print Bag

Paw Print Bag Pattern by jo to the world creations

If this isn’t the cutest bag, then I don’t know what it?!  If you know of anyone that is a dog lover then this bag would make for a special gift for them!

Find the Paw Print Bag Pattern by Jo to the World Creations

15. Boho Circle Granny Square Bag

Boho granny bag pattern by okie girl

Want a cute over the shoulder bag? Then I think that you might like this pattern!

Find the Boho Circle Granny Square Bag Pattern by Okie Girl Bling n Things

16. Beach Bag

beach bag pattern by jo to the world creations

I love this simple and stylish beach bag pattern that has pops of color through it.  Beach bags are such a fun thing to crochet!

Find the Beach Bag Crochet Pattern by Jo to the World Creations

17. Chase Tote bag

chase tote bag pattern by nicole chase

This pattern uses a fun crochet stitch called the V stitch for the body of the bag.  

Find the Chase Tote Bag Pattern by Nicole Chase

18. The Vendbar Tote Bag

vendbar tote bag pattern by the loopy lamb

Find the Vendbar Tote Bag Pattern by The Loopy Lamb

19. Color Block Tote Bag

color block tote bag pattern by the loop hole fox

​Find the Color Block Tote Bag Pattern by The Loop Hole Fox

20. Royal Bag

royal tote bag pattern by regina p designs

Find the Royal Bag Pattern by Regina P Designs

21. Alp Tote Bag

alp tote bag pattern by briana k designs

Find the Alp Tote Bag Pattern by Briana K Designs

Tote Bag Crochet Patterns collage

22. Patchwork Tote Bag by Blackstone Designs

23. Origami Tote Bag by Make & Do Crew

24. Sweet Stripes Market Bag by Green Fox Farm Designs

25. Modern Tote Bag by Sandra Stitches

26. Summertime Market Bag by Rich Textures Crochet

27. Rowyn Tote Bag by Through the Loop Yarn Craft

28. Take me to the Beach Tote by Stitching Together

29. Floral Tote Bag by Made by Gootie

30. Life’s a Beach Bag by Heart Hook Home

That wraps up this round up for 30 Crochet Bag Patterns! I hope that you have found a pattern that you love!  Go grab your crochet hook and yarn and let’s get started!

Happy Crocheting!

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