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Keychains are a fun and quick project that take very little yarn and supplies to make.  They are so easy that you won’t want to stop making them!  These are a great thing to make and take to markets to sell as they are something that everyone can afford.  Enjoy this assortment of FREE Crochet Keychain Ideas.

Some (but not all) of theses keychain patterns even have video tutorials for those that are visual learners!

Remember, you can take most smaller amigurumi patterns and turn them into a keychain by simply adding a keyring.  A few of these are not specifically keychains but can super easily be modified into one.

One of the best things about these pattern is that instead of adding a keyring, you could add a clip and kids could use them to clip to their backpacks or anything else they might want to.

What’s the Best Yarn to Use For Crochet Keychains?

Really, there are lots of different yarns that work well when it comes to crocheting keychains.  Some people will prefer using a dk weight yarn for their keychains while other will prefer a worsted weight.  

I typically use a worsted weight yarn because I always have that on hand in a bunch of different colors.  Keep in mind that the piece will turn out a little bigger this way, but you can always try to go down in hook size.

But, most any lightweight yarn like dk or worsted-weight yarn that’s either cotton or acrylic would work just fine.

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1. Unicorn Earbud Holder Keychain

So this is one that I’m sure the kids will love, but probably the adults too!  Even if you don’t want to market it as an earbud holder, it still makes for a pretty cute key chain!

Find the Unicorn Earbud Holder Keychain Pattern HERE by A Crocheted Simplicity

2. Rainbow Keychain

If you know me, then you know that I love all things bright and colorful.  These cute rainbow keychains make me HAPPY!  You can use any combination of different colors to make this cute keychain.

Find the Rainbow Keychain Free Pattern HERE by Okie Girl Bling n Things

3. Cat Keychain

One of my favorite animals is cats, so this keychain is perfect!  This would make the perfect gift for any cat lover! It’s based off of a beginner crochet amigurumi project that you can easily add a key ring to.

Find the Cat Keychain Pattern HERE by DIY Fluffies

4. Taco Keychain

Who doesn’t love tacos?!  A taco as a keychain, yes please!  These cute little tacos use simple stitch and turn out so yummy looking.

Find the Taco Keychain Pattern HERE by Green Fox Farm Designs

5. Cactus Keychain

This cheery cactus keychain is a great way to use up some leftover yarn.  Plus, it’s so cute and such an easy project!

Find the Cactus Keychain Pattern HERE by DIY Fluffies

6. Mushrooms

This is a free amigurumi pattern that you can easily turn into a keychain by adding a keyring!  And, why would you not want to, they are so cute. Which color would you make first?

Find the Mushrooms Pattern HERE by Moji Moji Designs

7. Fruit Slices Keychains

You can be so creative and make any type of fruit that you want.  My favorite always has to be the watermelon!

​Find the Fruit Slices Keychains Pattern HERE by Raffamusa Designs

8. Ice Cream Cone Keychains

You can use some of your favorite yarn colors and make any flavor of ice cream that you want.  I don’t think it can get much better than a crochet ice cream cone!

Find the Ice Cream Cone Keychain Pattern HERE by The Friendly Red Fox

9. Keychain Buddy

This looks like it would be the perfect size to put your air pods in and take them on the go with you.  Of course, you could use it to carry lots of different little things like money and hand sanitizer.  Make one in someones favorite color and it would make for great gifts.

Find the Keychain Buddy Pattern HERE by Jo to the World

10. Football Keychains

I could see these being big hits at markets!  You only need 2 colors of worsted weight yarn, a crochet hook and some poly fil and you can easily make this pattern.

Find the Football Keychain Pattern HERE by Jenoelle Boutique

11. Avocado Keychain

Ok, I don’t know why an avocado is so cute, but this one is adorable!  And, I don’t even like avocado.  Talk about an easy project to make with some scrap yarn.

I know that one time when I went to set up at a market, I had one avocado plushie and it was the very first thing that someone picked out and bought!

Find the Avocado Keychain Pattern HERE by Spin a Yarn Crochet

12. Pineapple Keychain

Next to watermelon, Pineapple has to be my 2nd favorite (crocheted 😂) fruit.  It just reminds of Summer and makes me so happy.  Maybe it’s all the cheery and bright yellow, but it makes for cute crochet projects.

Find the Pineapple Keychain Pattern HERE by Spin a Yarn Crochet

13. Candy Corn Keychain

Either you love it or you hate, and that would be candy corn.  But, I think that we could all agree that crocheted candy corn is pretty cute.  Especially if you add some cute little eyes to give it some personality. 

Find the Candy Corn Keychain Pattern HERE by Okie Girl Bling n Things

14. Pencil 2 in 1 Keychain

Not only is this a pencil keychain it also doubles as a chapstick holder.  This would make the perfect little gifts for teachers!

Find the Pencil Keychain Pattern HERE by Jen Hayes Creations

15. Jellyfish Keychain

This Free Crochet Pattern is a fun way to incorporate one of your favorite colors in different shades into a crochet piece.  I love the little jellyfish legs, they are so cute!

Find the Jellyfish Keychain Pattern HERE by The Friendly Red Fox

16. Sun Keychain

​This sun keychain is a fun project that is sure to put a smile on your face.  It just looks so cheery and happy!

​Find the Sun Keychain Pattern HERE by Stitch by Fay

17. Donut Keychain

There is nothing I like more than donuts and making one into an adorable keychain is the best!  They would even make the cutest party favors for a donut themed party.

Find the Mini Donut Pattern HERE by Hello Yellow Yarn

18. Owl Keychain

This cute little owl keychain would be so much fun made in different colors.  Who doesn’t want a colorful little sleepy owl keychain?!   

Find the Owl Pattern HERE by Lee Mei Li of AmiguruMEI

19. Seahorse Keychain

Here’s another cute and colorful amigurumi project that could easily be turned into a keychain.  The pattern looks great in 2 bright, contrasting colors.

Find the Seahorse Pattern HERE by 1 Dog Woof

20. Rocket Keychain

This adorable amigurumi piece could easily be turned into a keychain or a backpack clip!  I could see little boys just loving this one.

Find the Rocket Amigurumi Pattern HERE by 1 Dog Woof

21. Watermelon Keychain

If this little watermelon Isn’t adorable?!  I love the cute way that the eyes and mouth are embroidered.

Find the Watermelon Keychain Pattern HERE by 1 Dog Woof

That wraps up this round up for 21 Crochet Keychain Ideas blog post! I hope that you have found the best crochet keychain pattern! So, go grab your crochet hook and favorite yarn and get started!

Happy Crocheting!

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