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Here is yet another great stitch – The Bean Stitch! If you have ever crocheted the Puff Stitch then you are probably thinking that this stitch looks very similar. They are both crocheted in a very similar manner, but still 2 total different stitches. The Bean stitch has a tighter and more interlocked design than the Puff Stitch (Find a tutorial for the puff stitch HERE)

The bean stitch has an amazing texture to it. It has a very squishy appearance and feel.

Crocheting this stitch makes a very solid and thick piece. It would make a great stitch to use for blankets, washcloths, pot holders, hats, ear warmers and stuff like that.

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Stitch Key –

  • ch = chain
  • st = stitch (es)
  • sk = skip
  • sc = single crochet
  • hdc = half double crochet
  • yo = yarn over
  • t = turn

Bean Stitch –

Insert Hook into stitch, yarn over pull up a loop, yarn over insert into same stitch, yarn over pull up a loop, yarn over insert into stitch again, yarn over pull up a loop, you should have 6 loops on your hook. Yarn over and pull through all 6 loops on the hook. Chain stitch to complete bean stitch.

  • This stitch is reversible! It looks the exact same on both sides.


Start by chaining an even number of stitches, for this test swatch I chained 20

starting in the 2nd ch st from hook, sc in each ch across

ch 2, t, hdc in 1st st

*sk next st, work a bean st in next st*

Bean Stitch –

To make a bean stitch, insert hook into the st, yo, pull up a loop (2 loops on hook) * yo, insert hook into same st, yo, pull up a loop (4 loops on hook) Repeat from * once more. You should have 6 loops on hook, yo and pull through all 6 loops, secure with a ch st

Bean st made

*sk next st, work a bean st in the next st* repeat * to * across piece until you reach the last 2 st, sk st, hdc in last st

To continue working additional rows of bean stitch

Additional rows: ch 2, t, hdc in 1st st, work a bean st in every triangle space of bean stitch from previous row, hdc in very last st

The triangle is formed from not yarning over when you first go into the stitch to make a bean stitch. They are pretty easy to see once you pull the stitches apart a little.

And that is all there is to crocheting the Bean Stitch!

Try some other stitches!

I hope that you have found this tutorial helpful! I love to see what everyone makes using inspiration from my blog! Be sure to tag me @okiegirlblingnthings on Instagram so I can see!

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