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Wanting something to crochet that isn’t a hat or a scarf?  Look no farther than this round up filled with 60 fun and easy crochet projects!

You won’t find any hat, scarf or blanket crochet patterns in this round up as I tried to gather other easy crochet patterns that were not just the same old stuff, but fun crochet projects!

60 fun and easy free crochet patterns collage

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Enjoy these 60 FREE Fun and Easy Crochet Projects!

1. Mini Octopus

Hot pink crochet octopus being held in the palm of a hand

If you are looking for a simple pattern that works up quickly and is fun, then this is it!  I love making these little octopi in all the different colors.  Kids especially love them, but adults do too!

Find the Mini Octopus Crochet Pattern by Okie Girl Bling n Things

2. Dog Sweater

medium sized dog wearing a green crochet sweater

Even your canine companion needs a fashionable sweater this winter.  And, if you made one small enough, this would probably also work as a cat sweater!  You know your cat will appreciate that 😂

Find the Dog Sweater Pattern by Heart Hook Home

3. Summer Flower Bookmark

pink flower bookmark next to yarn and a crochet hook

Small projects always make for fun crochet projects because they are super quick and easy.  If you are an avid reader, then you will want to make yourself this adorable flower bookmark.

Find the Summer Flower Bookmark Pattern by The Stitchin Mommy

4. Tote Bag

green crocheted tote bag

This is a fun and useful crochet pattern!  Things like this also make for great gifts!

Find the Tote Bag Pattern by Jo to the World Creations

5. Emoji Pillows

3 emoji themed crochet pillows

These would be a hit with the kids.  The best part is there are different emojis that you can make!

Find the Emoji Pillow Pattern by Yarnspirations

6. Cat Pillows

2 velvet yarn crochet cat themed round pillows

Ok, if you know of a cat lover, then you need to make these cute pillows for them ASAP!  The finished product is so cute!

Find the Cat Pillow Pattern by Abriana Keener

7. Daisy Flower Coasters

Multi color flower daisy coasters on a white counter

This free pattern makes for such cute table decor even.  You could make a matching color set or a multi color set like pictured and leave them out on the table for decoration.

Find the Daisy Flower Coasters Pattern by Okie Girl Bling n Things

8. Happy Pillow

colorful throw pillow that has happy crocheted on the front

This is such a happy and fun pillow pattern that uses basic crochet stitches like single crochet stitches and a fun technique called tapestry crochet.

Find the Happy Pillow Pattern by Loops and Love Crochet

9. Tissue Box Cover

green textured tissue box cover on a box of tissues

This is a great way to cover up those ugly tissue boxes.  And, I love the texture of this pattern!

Find the Tissue Box Cover Pattern by Jo to the World Creations

10. Laptop Case

dark blue crocheted laptop cover

Want to keep your laptop safe from being scratched?  This is the perfect way to that and get some crocheting in!

Find the Laptop Case Crochet Pattern by Jo to the World Creations

11. Bernard the Bear

crochet bear snuggler being held in front of a white backdrop

This adorable little bear would be the perfect project to make for a little on in you life.  I could just see them hugging and squeezing this plush!

Find the Bernard the Bear Pattern by Crochet 365 Knit Too

12. Easy Mop Cover

swiffer with a crochet mop cover on it

If you want to make reusable mop covers to use instead of disposable ones, this is a good pattern.  It will save you money in the long run and you can just toss them into the washing machine and reuse.

​Find the Easy Mop Cover Pattern by Grace and Yarn

13. Candy Corn Plush

Holding a crochet Amigurumi candy corn in front of a wall of yarn

This is such a cute little candy corn.  If you make one in the plush yarn and worsted weight yarn they would be different sizes, one big and one tiny.

Find the Candy Corn Pattern by Okie Girl Bling n Things

14. Chicken Coasters

3 chicken coasters laid on a wooden table

If you love farm animals and chickens, then you might want to add a few of these chicken coasters to your decor at home.

Find the Chicken Coasters Pattern by Denton Foreman

15. Easy Heart Amigurumi

red crochet amigurumi heart being held in front of red yarn

If you are looking quick crochet projects, then this pattern is one of them!  You can make one in different colors in no time!

Find the Easy Heart Crochet Pattern by Okie Girl Bling n Things

16. Amigurumi Monsters

3 plush little monsters laid on a table

These little monster amigurumis look like such a fun project.  I could see them being big hits at craft shows with the kids too!

Find the Amigurumi Monsters Pattern by Amigurum Toys

17. C2C Washcloths

3 crochet washcloths laid on a bath tub wooden tray

Whether it is a crochet dishcloth or washcloths, they both make for smaller projects that are super useful and make great gifts.  And, most of the time to make a washcloth, you just need to know a few crochet basics to get started.  Making them great for beginner crocheters!

Find the C2C Washcloth Pattern by Okie Girl Bling n Things

18. Flamingo Amigurumi

little girl holding a crochet flamingo

If you love the color pink, there may be a slight possibility that you love flamingos too.  If so, you will want to make this cute, pink bird.

Find the Flamingo Amigurumi Pattern by Grace & Yarn 

19. Cactus Purse

little girl wearing a crochet cactus purse

If this isn’t the cutest crochet purse, then I don’t know what is!  Plus, it even has a full video tutorial!

Find the Cactus Purse Pattern by A Crafty Concept

20. USA Bag

woman holding a backpack made in red white and blue

This is the perfect summertime bag to carry.  Especially around the 4th of July.

Find the USA Bag pattern by A Crafty Concept

21. Koala Coasters

Koala coaster on a white background

These are so cute and perfect for any animal lover!  I love easy patterns that resemble animals!

​Find the Koala Coasters Pattern by Hooked on Patterns

22. Mushrooms

2 little crochet mushrooms up against a log

Find the Mushroom Crochet Pattern by Thorseby Cottage

23. Slippers

Crocheted slippers with faux fur

This free crochet pattern is so cute and useful!  Plus, I think that they would make awesome gifts!

Find the Slipper Crochet Pattern by Knitz n Purlz

24. All Star Pint Ice Cream Cozy

crochet ice cream cozy on a pint of ice cream

Tired of your hands freezing while you are eating your ice cream?  Problem solved with this cozy pattern! 

Find the Pint Ice Cream Cozy Pattern by The Turtle Trunk

25. Cactus Coasters

4 cactus coasters on a blue background

I think that coasters always make for great gift ideas and I love these cactus ones!

Find the Cactus Coasters Pattern by Whistle & Ivy

26. Cactus Scrubby

crochet cactus scrubby in a pot

This is another one of those useful crochet projects, but it is a really cute pattern.

Find the Cactus Scrubby Pattern by Whistle & Ivy

27. The Mabel Pillow

multi color scrap yarn crochet pillow on couch

This is a super cute pillow pattern that uses one of my favorite crochet stitches, the moss stitch.  I love the unique look that is has when making it with different scrap yarns!

Find the Mabel Pillow Pattern by This Pixie Creates

28. Basic Fingerless Gloves

grey crochet fingerless gloves on someones hands

Find the Basic Fingerless Gloves Pattern by Raffamusa Designs

29. Odin the Owl

small crochet blue owl

I know that some people don’t like owls, but I for one, think they are pretty cute!

Find the Odin the Owl Pattern by Green Fox Farm Designs

30. Fun Freeze Pop Holders

row of fun crochet pop freeze holders in different styles

This is a great project that takes little yarn to make and is so useful!  I know that these will come in super handy for kids, but hey, adults will probably love them too!

Find the Fun Freeze Pop Holders Pattern by Green Fox Farm Designs

31. Hanging Plant Basket

plant hangin on a wall in a crochet basket

This is the perfect gift to make for someone and give them if they love plants!  Now they can hang it in a cute hanger!

Find the Hanging Plant Basket Pattern by Made by Gootie

32. Glasses Case

sunglasses poking out of a crochet glasses pouch

No more scratched up sunglasses or reading glasses with this easy pattern.  It is made using simple stitches and works up in a flash.

Find the Glasses Case Pattern by Okie Girl Bling n Things

33. Seaside Rug Mug

Beach style mug rugs on a wooden background

These cute coasters really give off all the beach vibes!

Find the Seaside Rug Mug Pattern by Desert Blossom Crafts

34. Bobble Bag

Bobble stitch crochet purse next to a wooden crochet hook

This fun yarn is made with a cotton and acrylic yarn blend.  

Find the Bobble Bag Pattern by The Loopy Lamb

35. Desert Cacti Zipper Pouch

colorful desert themed crochet zipper pouch with crochet hooks in it

I love the western design on this pouch!  This specific pattern calls for a #2 lightweight cotton yarn.

Find the Desert Cacti Zipper Pouch Pattern Raffamusa Designs

36. Crafty Boho Slippers

woman sitting in a chair wearing crochet slippers

These cozy slippers work up in no time flat as they use a super soft chunky yarn.

Find the Crafty Boho Slippers Pattern by A Crafty Concept 

37. Donut Dish Cloths

crochet donut coasters next to real donuts

I love small crochet projects and I also love donuts, so combine the 2 and it’s absolutely perfect!

Find the Donut Dishcloths Pattern by Green Fox Farm Designs

38. Ice Cream Cone Keychain

different colors of ice cream keychains in a circle

I love the creative freedom that crochet gives you to be able to make all kinds of things, especially sweet treats like this!

Find the Ice Cream Cone Keychain Pattern by The Friendly Red Fox

39. S’mores Amigurumi

Adorable smiling amigurumi s'more

This is yet another sweet treat that you can crochet!

Find the S’mores Amigurumi Pattern by Crafty Kitty Crochet

​40. Coco the Cat

2 purple crochet cat plushies in different sizes

The best things about this patten is that you can change the size of the cat just by changing the type of yarn that you use.

Find the Coco the Cat Pattern by DIY Fluffies

41. Towel Toppers

hand towels hanging on the stove with crochet toppers

Small items like these towel topers make for the perfect things to make for gifts or even to sale at craft shows.

Find the Towel Toppers Pattern by Stitching Together

42. Moonbeam Baskets

2 grey crochet hanging baskets on kitchen cabinets

Find the Moonbeam Baskets Pattern by Desert Blossom Crafts

43. Chevron Washcloths

bright colored chevron washcloths

These make for such colorful and fun washcloths!

Find the Chevron Washcloths Pattern by Moogly

44. Chevron Zipper Pouch

orange and grey chevron zipper pouch on a wooden background

Find the Chevron Zipper Pouch Pattern by Whistle & Ivy

45. Hanging Hand Towels

crochet hand towels

​These are so cute, especially when made in bright and fun colors.  Plus, I always love the granny stitch!

Find the Hanging Hand Towels Pattern by Snappy Tots

46. Tuxedo Dog Bandana

large size dog wearing a crochet bandana

Because every good boy needs to look his best, even our fur babies.

Find the Tuxedo Dog Bandana Pattern by Jo to the World Creations

47. Burger Dog Bed

medium sized dog on a burger designed dog bed

Find the Burger Dog Bed Pattern by Yarnspirations

48. Paw Print Bag

grey crochet tote bag with a white paw print on it

Find the Paw Print Bag Pattern by Jo to the World Creations

49. Pig Amigurumi

2 crochet pink pigs

Find the Pig Amigurumi Pattern by Grace & Yarn

50. Pineapple Planter Cover

succulent plants in the window

Find the Pineapple Planter Cover by Allie

fun crochet projects collage

51. Water Bottle Holder by The Loophole Fox

52. Keyboard Duster by Yarnspirations

53. Flower Scrubbies by Cedar & Linn

54. Flip Flop Keychain by Whistle & Ivy

55. Pencil Plush by Repeat Crafter Me

56. Gecko Bookmark by Lion Brand

57. Owl Sleep Masks by Firefly Crochet

58. Rainbow Pillow by Dream a Little Bigger

59. Cat Hide Away Sack by Dream a Little Bigger

Easy Bowl Cozy

crochet bowl cozy on a bowl on a table

Find the Bowl Cozy Pattern by Winding Road Crochet

If you are still looking for even more fun crochet patterns, then check out these other crochet pattern round ups!

That wraps up this round up for 60 Fun and Easy Crochet Projects! I hope that you have found a project that you love and will enjoy making!

Happy Crocheting!

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