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Looking for an easy crochet baby hat pattern?  Then look no farther as I have gathered up 50 adorable babies crochet hat patterns in this round up!  Plus, did I mention that they are all FREE patterns?!

Most of these patterns are on the easy side, but there are a few that require a little more skill to make. A lot of the patterns have multiple sizes to them so you can make matching beanies for all your kiddos!

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Enjoy these 50 FREE Baby Beanie Patterns!

1. Simple Baby Hat Pattern in 5 sizes

Simple crochet Baby hats in multiple colors on table

If you are looking for a super easy and simple baby hat pattern this one is it!  Plus, the pattern has 5 different sizes ( Preemie, Newborn, 0-3 months, 3-6 months, and 6-12 months) so you will be able to crochet a hat for each stage for the 1st year of your babies life!

Find the Simple Baby Hat Pattern in 5 Sizes by Okie Girl Bling n Things

2. Puff Stitch Baby Hat

Puff Stitch Baby Hat crochet Pattern

This is the perfect little baby hat for winter time.  It’s such a cute hat especially with the little pom pom attached to the top of the hat.

Find the Puff Stitch Baby Hat Pattern by Blue Star Crochet

3. Star Stitch Baby Hat

Star Stitch baby beanie pattern

What’s cuter than a newborn baby hat with a big bow???  Not much, I can tell you that.  Plus, this pattern has a video tutorial

Find the Star Stitch Baby Hat Pattern by MJ’s Off the Hook Designs

4. Jasmine Beanie

Jasmine Beanie free crochet pattern

This beanie pattern is actually available in sizes baby all the way to adult!  You can make matching beanies for the whole family!

Find the Jasmine Beanie Pattern by Ned & Mimi

5. Bo Baby Hat

Bo baby hat free crochet pattern

This is the perfect easy crochet pattern for a newborn baby hat.  It has sizes preemie all the way to 12 months.

Find the Bo Baby Hat Pattern by Burgundy & Blush

6. Top Knot Hat

Top knot beanie crochet pattern

This cute hat pattern is available in  the size 0-3 months and works up using basic crochet stitches like mostly double crochet stitches

Find the Top Knot Hat Pattern by Just be Happy

7. Lacy Crochet Baby Hat with Flower

Lacey baby hat with flower free crochet pattern

What a sweet and delicate looking hat especially when it is finished off with a flower!  The perfect hat for baby girls.

Find the Lacy Baby Hat Pattern by Soukaina Collections

8. Baby Bear Beanies

Baby bear beanies in 5 sizes crochet pattern

Newborn babies will look adorable in these little bear beanies!  I mean just look at those little bear ears.  These just make the cutest photo props!  Pattern has sizes preemie to 12 months.

Find the Baby Bear Beanies Pattern by Okie Girl Bling n Things

9. Cozy Pom Pom Beanie

Cozy pom pom beanie crochet pattern

This handmade hat can be made in any size from preemie all the way to adult XL!  Of course, I think the little sizes like the newborn size are always the cutest!

Find the Cozy Pom Pom Beanie Pattern by Daisy Cottage Designs

10. Chunky Baby Bear Hats

Chunky Baby bear beanies crochet pattern

If you are wanting a baby bear hat made with a thicker, bulky weight yarn, then this easy pattern is for you!

Find the Chunky Baby bear Hats Pattern by Crochet Dreamz

11. Lacy Baby Hat

Lacy Baby beanie crochet pattern

This pattern comes in 2 sizes, Newborn and 0-3 months.  It’s super cute in all the different colors.

Find the Lacy Baby Hat Pattern by Crafting Each Day

12. Strings of Beads Hat

Strings of beads baby hat pattern

This free pattern includes baby, toddle and child sizes.  It uses a a medium weight yarn so some of your favorites may work for this cute little hat.

Find the Stings of Beads Hat Pattern by 5 Little Monsters

13. Cluster V Stitch Baby Hat

Cluster V stitch baby hat being held over white background

The body of the hat is made with a special stitch that looks so pretty when done in 2 different colors and striped!

Find the Cluster V Stitch Baby Hat Pattern by Crochet for your Blog

14. Even Berry Baby Hat

Even berry beanie and blanket

Not only is there a pattern for this adorable baby hat, you can also make a matching blanket!  This set would make for a great baby shower gift!

Find the Even Berry Baby Hat Pattern by Daisy Farm Crafts

15. Ribbed Beanie

ribbed beanie baby hats free crochet pattern

This is a cute little winter hat for babies.  The pattern is only in video format though, no written pattern.

Find the Ribbed Baby Beanie Pattern by Crochet Beja

16. Baby Bear Hats

baby bear face beanies free crochet pattern

OK, I don’t know if it gets any cuter than these adorable baby hats?!  This would be perfect for both a baby boy or a baby girl!

Find the Baby Bear Hats Pattern by Crochet for your Blog

17. The Rudy Bonnet

The Rudy baby bonnet free crochet pattern

Every new baby is going to need this adorable little bonnet!   This will be the perfect addition to your babies little wardrobe.

Find the Rudy Bonnet Pattern by The Moule Hole

18. Sweet Scalloped Baby Beanie

Scalloped crochet baby beanie pattern

This cute pattern is so sweet and delicate!  It’s perfect when it is made in the color pink.  There is even a video tutorial.

Find the Sweet Scalloped Baby Beanie Pattern by Pretty Darn Adorable Crochet

19. Single Double Crochet Baby Hat

single double crochet baby beanies

This pattern has 2 different sizes of baby hats and uses super basic crochet stitches.  They are such a simple design.

Find the Single Double Baby Hat Pattern by Double Crochet

20. Puff Stitch Baby Beanie

Puff stitch baby beanies free crochet pattern

I love incorporating puff stitches into hats, especially baby hats.  It gives them so much texture!

Find the Puff Stitch Baby Beanie Pattern by Dabbles and Babbles

21. Baby Bobble Beanie

bobble baby beanies free crochet pattern

If you want a little baby hat that has a lot of texture, then this is the pattern you have been looking for.

Find the Baby Bobble Beanie Pattern by Hook on Homemade Happiness

22. Easy Striped Baby Beanie

easy striped baby hat

I love the tiny little stripes and the little brim on these beanies.  Your new arrival will look absolutely adorable in this beanie.

Find the Easy Striped Baby Beanie Pattern by Dabbles and Babbles

23. Easy Crochet Baby Hat

easy baby hat free crochet pattern

This is such a simple yet adorable baby hat crochet pattern!  It’s even cute when topped with a pom pom.  This is the perfect project to use with scrap yarn!

Find the Easy Crochet Baby Hat Pattern by Maisie & Ruth

24. Newborn Hat

Newborn hat free crochet pattern

This is a super simple free crochet baby hat pattern.  It’s so cute striped too!

Find the Newborn Hat Pattern by Amanda Crochets

25. Easy Peasy Lemon Hats

lemon baby hat crochet pattern

For a baby born in the springtime, these would be absolutely adorable!  The pattern has preemie and newborn sizes.

Find the Easy Peasy Lemon Hats Pattern by Mel Crochets

26. Pumpkin Beanies

pumpkin baby hat crochet pattern

This is the perfect hat for a fall baby!  A pumpkin patch photo shoot would be perfect with this adorable baby hat!

Find the Pumpkin Beanie Pattern by Han Jan Crochet

27. Bunny Folded Brim Beanie

Bunny folded Brim baby hat crochet pattern

This is the perfect little easter baby hat with the cute bunny!  This pattern even included the larger sizes for bigger babies.

Find the Bunny Folded Brim Beanie Pattern by Repeat Crafter Me

28. Hinton Hat

Hinton folded Brim baby hat crochet pattern

From Baby size to adult size, you can make this style of hat for everyone in the family!  I think that it would be super cute topped with a pom pom too!

​Find the Hinton Hat Pattern by Banana Moon Studio

29. Little Dots Beanie

Little Dots baby hat crochet pattern

This is a cute a textured little beanie free crochet pattern.  They are sure to keep the little baby’s head warm!

​Find the Little Dots Beanie Pattern by Sunflower Cottage Crochet

30. Basic Baby Hat

Basic baby hat crochet pattern

This is a super simple baby hat crochet pattern that has 3 different sizes in the pattern.  All you need to know is some basic stitches to make these cute little hats.

Find the Basic Baby Hat Pattern by Lovable Loops

31. Boutchou Hat

Striped baby hat crochet pattern

A cute little striped baby hat pattern that involves a few different colors.  I love using multiple colors of yarn to make hats.

Find the Boutchou Hat Pattern by Knitting with Chopsticks

32. Derby Summer Baby Hat

derby baby hat crochet pattern

This cute little derby hat has 3 sizes and is absolutely adorable!

Find the Derby Summer Baby Hat Pattern by Knitting with Chopsticks

33. Baby James Beanie

Baby james beanie crochet pattern

This baby crochet hat pattern uses a cotton yarn and is absolutely too cute!  Of course, it could be the little fellow wearing the hat that makes it so adorable.

Find the Baby James Beanie Pattern by Daisy Farm Crafts

34. Newborn Hat & Booties

newborn beanie and booties on table

Not only is there a pattern for this sweet newborn hat, but it also includes a pattern for the little booties too!

Find the Newborn Hat & Booties Pattern by Okie Girl Bling n Things

35. Baby T Hat

Baby T hats one with pom one without pom

This is another awesome hat pattern that has measurements to create a preemie hat all the way to an adult hat.

Find the Baby T Hat Pattern by Daisy Farm Crafts

36. Classic Baby Bonnet

Classic Baby Bonnet free crochet pattern

What sweet newborn photos this would make with this adorable baby bonnet!

Find the Classic Baby Bonnet Pattern by Kirsten Holloway Designs

37. Bear Hugs Baby Beanie

Bear Hugs free crochet baby hat pattern

This is a more textured and pretty take on the basic baby bear beanie, but it turns out so cute!

Find the Bear Hugs Baby Beanie Pattern by Kirsten Holloway Designs

38. Little Textures Newborn Beanie

little textures beanies on table

This little beanie hat pattern for babies has a lot of texture! 

Find the Little Textures Newborn Beanie Pattern by Two Brothers Blankets

39. Easy Baby Hat

Parker Baby Set Crochet Patterns

Not only does this pattern have a hat and matching booties, it also has a matching diaper cover pattern too!

​Find the Easy Baby Hat Pattern by Sewrella

40. Puff Newborn Hat

Puff Stitch Baby Beanies on a wooden background

These cute little puffy baby hats are sure to keep the little one’s head warm with all those thick puff stitches.

​Find the Puff Newborn Hat Pattern by Cream of the Crop Crochet

41. Granny Stitch Beanie

granny stitch beanie crochet pattern

This is another hat pattern that has sizes in newborn to adult.  If you like granny squares, then you have to make this hat!

Find the Granny Stitch Beanie Pattern by Cre8tion Crochet

42. Harmony Hat

Harmony Hat crochet pattern in 5 sizes

This pattern has 5 sizes with the smallest size starting at 3-6 months and going through to adult.

Find the Harmony Hat Pattern by 5 Little Monsters

43. V Stitch Preemie Beanies

V stitch preemie crochet beanies

This pattern has different sizes of preemie hats so there is one to fit even the smallest little baby.

Find the V Stitch Preemie Beanie Pattern by Eye Love Knots

44. Little Loves Preemie Hat

little loves preemie hats

This pattern wil even keep you little preemies ears warm!

Find the Little Loves Preemie Hat Pattern by Through the Loop Yarn Craft

45. Cupcake Beanies

cupcake beanies laid on a wooden background

What could be sweeter than these adorable cupcake beanies?!

Find the Cupcake Beanies Pattern by Krazy Kabbage

46. Jubilee Hat

Jubilee hat free crochet pattern

And yet another great pattern that has baby sizes all the way to adult sizes!

Find the Jubilee Hat Pattern by The Stitchin Mommy

47. Snowbound Hat

Snowbound Hat free crochet pattern

This is another easy crochet hat pattern that has 5 sizes, baby to adult.

Find the Snowbound Hat Pattern by 5 Little Monsters

48. Double Crochet Stripes Hat

Double Crochet Stripes Hat free crochet pattern

I love how simple, yet cute this little hat pattern is.  I absolutely love them topped with pom poms.

Find the Double Crochet Stripes Hat Pattern by 5 Little Monsters

49. Eleanor Beanie

Eleanor beanie free crochet pattern

This beanie pattern has many, many different sizes from 0-3 months and up!

Find the Eleanor Beanie Pattern by The Stitchin Mommy

50. Picot Newborn Hat

Picot newborn Hat free crochet pattern

This beanie makes for such a sweet and delicate little hat.

Find the Picot Newborn Hat Pattern by Cream of the Crop Crochet

If you are still looking for even more free crochet patterns for babies, then be sure to check out these!

That wraps up this round up for 50 Babies Crochet Hat Patterns! I hope that you have found a project that you love and will enjoy crocheting!

Happy Crocheting!

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