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As the Christmas season is fast approaching, crochet projects of all kinds tend to be brought out and in the works.  And one of the quickest and easiest things that you can make for the Holiday season is handmade crochet ornaments.

Especially in the rush of the Holidays, it’s so nice to be able to sit down and work on a quick crochet project that you can finish in a very short amount of time!

For this particular pattern round up, I have gathered up 50 easy crochet Christmas ornaments that are sure to put you in the Christmas spirit!  

What Crochet Supplies will I need to Make my Own Ornaments?

These are some of the basic supplies that you will need to crochet your own Christmas tree ornaments

  • crochet hook
  • yarn
  • scissors
  • yarn needle

There may also be other supplies that you will need, depending on the type of the ornament.

What Yarn is Best for Making Crochet Ornaments?

Really, one yarn is no better than the other when it comes to crocheting ornaments.  The majority of crochet ornaments tend to be made with worsted weight acrylic yarn but there are some that call for cotton yarn.

Different patterns will call for different types and weights of yarn.  I know that I have gathered some patterns that call for faux fur yarn which adds a fun twist.

Each individual pattern will list what specific yarn is required for that ornament.

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Enjoy these 50 FREE Christmas Ornament Crochet Patterns!

1. Rudolph Ornament

cute crochet rudolph ornament on a table next to red and green pom poms

​Rudolph is even complete with his bright red nose!  This little guy is the perfect addition to any Christmas tree!

Find the Rudolph Ornament Pattern by Okie Girl Bling n Things

2. Faux Fur Snowman Ornament

faux fur snowman crochet ornament on a green plant being held up against a white background

Nothing says Christmas like Snowman.  This ornament is made with the fun faux fur yarn.

Find the Faux Fur Snowman Ornament by The Loopy Lamb

3. Fox Ornament

crochet fox ornament on a wooden background next to a crochet hook and small pair of scissors

How cute is this little fox ornament?!  It would make for such a beautiful decoration for your tree.

Find the Fox Ornament Pattern by Grace & Yarn

4. Snowman Ornament

cute crochet snowman ornament on a table next to red and green pom poms

This cute snowman is complete with a striped scarf and black top hat.  This is an easy crochet pattern that uses a worsted weight yarn.  Scarp yarn works great for this pattern too!

Find the Snowman Ornament Pattern by Okie Girl Bling n Things

5. Red Truck Ornament

red truck crochet ornament being held in front of a Christmas tree

If you love the red farm trucks with Christmas trees in the back, then you will definitely want to make a few of these cute ornaments.

Find the Red Truck Ornament by Maria’s Blue Crayon

6. Cow Ornament

crochet cow ornament on a light wood background

If you love farm animals, then this cow ornament is perfect for you.  This is a super easy pattern too!

Find the Cow Ornament Pattern by Okie Girl Bling n Things

7. Cat Ornament

hand holding a furry cat ornament next to a crochet hook and pair of scissors

I’m a big cat lover, so this is the perfect ornament for myself as I am sure it is for a lot of you too.  If you have a cat, you could even make it in the same color as it is to have an ornament to remind you of your fur baby.

Find the Cat Ornament Pattern by The Loopy Lamb

8. Chicken Ornament

chicken ornaments hanging on a small christmas tree

Here’s another farm animal ornament.  I actually made and sold these chicken Christmas ornaments one year and made sooooo many of them.  Everyone seems to love them!

Find the Chicken Ornament Pattern by Okie Girl Bling n Things

9. Mrs Clause Ornament

hand holding a small mrs claus ornament

Everyone is always talking about Santa Claus, but sometimes poor Mrs. Claus gets over looked.  This cute ornament would be a great addition to your Christmas decor.

Find the Mrs Clause Ornament Pattern by Stitch by Fay

10. Furr Snowball Ornament

fuzzy yarn crochet christmas bauble laid next to 3 skeins of yarn

This is the perfect Christmas Bauble ornament.  I love how simple yet how elegant they look.  They have a very modern style to them

Find the Furry Snowball Ornament Pattern by Annie Design Crochet

11. Peppermint Ornament

peppermint candy crochet ornament being held in front of a Christmas tree

Instead of a traditional candy cane, you could make a bunch of these peppermint candies to hang on your Christmas Tree

Find the Peppermint Ornament Pattern by Maria’s Blue Crayon

12. Gingerbread Ornament

cute crochet gingerbread ornament on a table next to red and green pom poms

The best part of this ornament is that it is super easy!  You only need to know a few basic crochet stitches like chain stitches and single crochet stitches to complete it.

Find the Gingerbread Ornament Pattern by Okie Girl Bling n Things

13.  Snowman Bauble Ornament

2 snowman bauble ornaments laid on a table

This is another cute version of snowman crochet ornaments!  Even complete with their little winter hats.

​Find the Snowman Bauble Ornament Pattern by Hooked on Patterns

14. Christmas Bulb Cover

holding a pink christmas bulb that has a crochet cover on it.

Want to make those plain Christmas bulbs a bit more festive?  This is a super cute way to do so, especially if you use a metallic or shimmer yarn.

Find the Christmas Bulb Cover Pattern by Okie Girl Bling n Things

15. Sweater Ornament

3 tiny crochet sweater ornaments on a fuzzy blanket

Of all the crochet Christmas decorations, are these tiny sweaters not adorable?!  Scrap yarn would work great for them too!

Find the Sweater Ornament Pattern by You Should Craft

16. Pig Ornament

pink crochet pig ornament on a wooden background

This is yet another great farm ornament pattern to add to your collection.  These are so much fun to crochet!

Find the Pig Ornament Pattern by Okie Girl Bling n Things

17. Pizza Slice Ornament

pizza slice ornament hanging on a christmas tree

Who says that food can’t be a Christmas Ornament?  These pizza slice ornaments are perfect for any time of the year, hahaha.

Find the Pizza Slice Ornament by Yarnspirations 

18. Star Ornament

3 star crochet ornaments laid on a table

​If you are looking for a super quick and easy pattern, this crochet star ornament pattern is it.  It would inly take a few yarn scraps to make them.  

Find the Star Ornament by 1 Dog Woof

19. Gingerbread Man

gingerbread man ornament laid on a table next to a crochet hook, skein of yarn and pair of scissors

This isn’t necessarily an ornament pattern, put you could easily turn it into one!

​Find the Gingerbread Man Pattern by Repeat Crafter Me

20. Candy Cane Covers

candy canes laid on a table with crochet covers on them

Is this not a cute idea for all the candy canes that you hang on your Christmas tree?!  This is a great way to make candy canes even more festive!

Find the Candy Cane Covers Pattern by Sewrella

21. Ribbon Christmas Tree Ornament

ribbon christmas trees laid on a white background

I love the look of these ornaments made in different colors.  Plus, the idea of putting crochet trees on an actual tree, hahaha.

Find the Ribbon Christmas Tree Ornament Pattern by Poppy & Bliss

22. Candy Cane Ornament

crochet candy cane ornament hangin from a tree

You can not go into the holiday season without candy canes, so why not crochet some?!

Find the Candy Cane Ornament by Yarnspirations

23. Santa Claus Ornament

cute tiny crochet santa claus ornament

Make this Mr Claus to go with his sweet heart Mrs Claus.

Find the Santa Claus Ornament Pattern by Stitch by Fay

24. Gnome Ornament

hands holding 2 gnome crochet christmas ornaments

If you are a gnome lover than this pattern is perfect for you!   also love the idea of using a pom pom for the gnome face!

Find the Gnome Ornament Pattern by The Loopy Lamb

25. Polar Bear Ornament

cute crochet polar bear ornament laid in a heart shaped wooden bowl

This adorable little polar bear makes for the cutest little ornaments!

Find the Polar Bear Ornament by Stitch by Fay

26. Wreath Ornament

little wreath ornament on a slice of wood

Even wreaths make for great Christmas tree decorations.  And, these are so cute!

Find the Wreath Ornament by Stitch by Fay

27. Lollipop Ornament

2 swirl crochet lollipops in a heart shaped wooden bowl

I love these red & white and green & white striped lollipops!  They really would be so cute hanging on your tree!

Find the Lollipop Ornament by Stitch by Fay

28. Snowy Pines Ornament

pine cones on a table surrounded by yarn, bells and crochet hook

Nothing makes you think of the festive season quite like snow and even maybe a cup of hot cocoa.  But, these snow covered pine cones are so cute!

Find the Snowy Pines Ornament Pattern by The Loopy Lamb

29. Santa Belt Bulb

close up picture of a santa belt ornament

The ever famous Santa belt also makes for a cute ornament when made in these traditional colors.

Find the Santa Belt Bulb Pattern by Nicki’s Homemade crafts

30. Penguin Ornament

cute crochet penguin ornament against a white background

If this isn’t an adorable ornament, I don’t know what is?!  How much cuter can it get?

Find the Penguin Ornament Pattern by Stitch by Fay

31. Snowflake Ornament

white crochet snowflake

Find the Snowflake Ornament Pattern by Grateful Prayer Thankful Heart

32. Star Ornament

red, green, white and red star ornaments laid on a white background

Find the Star Ornament Pattern by The Turtle Trunk

33. Paw Print Ornaments

2 paw print ornaments hanging on a tree

Find the Paw Print Ornaments by Simply Hooked by Janet

34. Mini Mitten Ornament

tiny little crochet mitten ornament laid next to tiny pine cones

Find the Mini Mitten Ornament Pattern by The Turtle Trunk

35. Mini Jumper Ornament

2 tiny little sweaters laid on a fur background

Find the Mini Jumper Ornament Pattern by Blue Star Crochet

36. Mini Mitten Ornament

tiny red and white mitten ornament on fur background

These are such a quick make and so cute!

Find the Mini Mitten Ornament Pattern by Blue Star Crochet

37. Mini Christmas Stocking

3 tiny Christmas stocking ornaments pinned on a string

Find the Mini Christmas Stocking Pattern by Raffamusa Designs

38. Boho Baubles

a bunch of colorful crochet bauble ornaments in a circle

Find the Boho Baubles Pattern by Annie Design Crochet

39. Eulah Bauble Ornaments

3 crochet bauble ornaments laid next to photo props

Find the Eulah Bauble Ornaments by the Loophole Fox

40. Flat Christmas Tree Ornaments

flat Christmas tree ornament laid on top of a christmas present

These would make for adorable gift tags on presents too! A different twist to the traditional crochet Christmas tree ornaments.

​Find the Flat Christmas Tree Ornament Pattern by Desert Blossom Crafts

41. Hot Chocolate Mug Ornament

tiny mugs of cocoa ornaments

Find the Hot Chocolate Mug Pattern by Ollie & Holly

42. Christmas Bulb Coasters

red and green christmas bulb coasters

This is a coaster pattern, but you could totally use a lighter weight yarn and turn them into ornaments!

Find the Christmas Bulb Coaster Pattern by Heart Hook Home

43. Mittens Ornament

2 cute crochet mittens ornaments

Find the Mittens Ornament Pattern by Spin a Yarn Crochet

44. Snowman Ornament

holding a snowman ornament in front of a tree

Find the Snowman Ornament Pattern by Maria’s Blue Crayon

45. Mini Holiday Hats

multiple tiny crochet festive hats

Find the Mini Holiday Hats Pattern by Repeat Crafter Me

46. S’more Ornament

crochet s'more ornament hangin on a tree

Oh my goodness! If you have a sweet tooth, then you will definitely want to make this one!

Find the S’more Ornament Pattern by Whistle & Ivy

47. Yoda Ornament

crochet yoda ornament hanging on a tree

​If you are a Yoda fan then you will definitely want to check out this free pattern!

Find the Yoda Ornament Pattern by Spin a Yarn Crochet

48. Snow Globe Ornaments

3 crochet snowglobe ornaments laid on a white background

Find the Snow Globe Ornaments Pattern by Repeat Crafter Me

49. Christmas Lights

multi color christmas bulbs on a string

This free crochet pattern isn’t necessarily a ornament, but it would still look super cute on the tree.

Find the Christmas Lights Pattern by Repeat Crafter Me

50. Angel Ornament

angel ornaments crocheted out of yarn

​Find the Angel Ornament Pattern by Winding Road Crochet

That wraps up this round up for 50 Free Crochet Christmas Ornament Patterns! I hope that you have found a pattern that you love and will make your Christmas a little brighter!

Happy Crocheting!

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