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Washcloths make for a super easy and quick crochet project that you can make anytime.  This is an easy pattern that you will enjoy making time after time.  Scroll down for the free pattern.

Easy grit stitch crochet washcloth free crochet pattern

When you don’t know what to crochet, washcloths can make for a mindless and easy crochet project that you can work on while watching tv or just chilling.  

Crocheting washcloths is a great way to learn new stitches.  Most of the time when I learn a new stitch, I will grab some cotton yarn and make a washcloth out of it.  This way it is a super quick project that I can use when I’m finished, but I will also have learned a new stitch at the same time.

Cotton crochet washcloths also make for a great quick gift idea when paired with a bar of handmade soap! 

close up of 3 orange crocheted washcloths laid next to a sink

This free crochet washcloth pattern makes for a great project to use up some leftover cotton yarn that you may have laying around from other projects.  

Best Yarn for Crochet Washcloths

If you have never made handmade washcloths before, you may be wondering what is the best type of yarn to use?  The best yarn for crochet cloths of any kind, whether crochet dishcloths or washcloths, is going to be a 100% cotton yarn.  

A medium weight cotton yarn is always going to be my go to yarn for washcloths.  Different yarns like acrylic yarn is not ideal for washcloths as it is made out of synthetic fibers and does not absorb water like cotton does so it would not make for very good wash cloths.

close up of the stitch details on a crocheted washcloth laid on the side of a white tub

For this easy washcloth pattern, I used one of my favorite cotton yarns, Dishie Cotton from We Crochet.  This yarn is quickly becoming my favorite cotton yarn as it works up nicely and holds up very well.  It also comes in a wide selection of different colors.

Here are some of my favorite cotton yarns that I use all the time!

Is This an Easy Crochet Washcloth Pattern?

Yes, this is a super simple and easy crochet washcloth pattern!  This washcloth pattern uses basic crochet stitches like single crochet stitches and double crochet stitches.

close up of an orange crocheted washcloth laid on the side of a bathroom sink

For this easy crochet dishcloth pattern, after the 1st row, the pattern follows a single repeat row for the rest of the pattern.

The stitch pattern used for this crocheted washcloth is actually called the Grit Stitch.  This is an easy stitch to learn and crochet.  If you want a full in depth written and video tutorial for this stitch, check out THIS POST!

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Easy Crochet Washcloth Pattern

All crochet terms are US crochet terms.

Skill Level – Easy

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Things you will need:

Finished Size:

  • Each washcloth measures approx. 8.25” x 8.25”

Abbreviation / Stitch Key:

Pattern –

Chain 29 stitches (NOTE – You can make any size of washcloth you want, just always chain an odd number of stitches)

Row 1: dc in the 3rd ch st from hook (2 skipped chain st counts as a sc), *skip next chain, work 1 sc and 1 dc in the next st*, repeat * to * across to last 2 ch. Skip the next ch, sc in the last chain stitch

Row 2 – 24: ch 1 (counts as a sc), t, 1 dc in 1st st, *skip next st, work 1 sc and 1 dc in the next st*, repeat * to * across to last 2 st, skip next st, sc in the last st (which will be your turning chain from the previous row)

Border (optional) –

ch 1, evenly sc around edges placing 2 sc in each corner, sl st into 1st sc.  

Cut yarn and weave in all ends.

3 crochet washcloths folded and stacked on each other

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I’d love to see your creations that you make from all of my patterns, be sure to tag me @okiegirlblingnthings on Instagram so I can see. Whether you make this Easy Crochet Washcloth Pattern or something else entirely, tag me!

Happy crocheting!

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