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Coasters make for a quick project to crochet anytime!  They are great for using up scrap yarn that you may have in your yarn stash and they also make for great home decor. Best thing about all these crochet coaster patterns is that they are all FREE!

Coaster free crochet patterns collage image

In this round up you will find all kinds of coaster patterns from round coasters to square shape coasters.  There is a little bit of all styles in this post.

Why are coasters a great project for any crocheter?

  • They are fast and easy to crochet
  • Require a small amount of yarn
  • A small project that you can easily take anywhere with you
  • Coaster patterns often use simple stitches so that even a beginner crocheter can easily make them
  • They make for great gift ideas

What’s the Best Yarn to Use for Crochet Coasters?

Without a doubt, cotton yarn is the best yarn for crochet coasters!  It holds up extremely well even after being used and washed many, many times.  

Cotton yarn will also absorb the condensation off of your glass or cup better than acrylic yarn.

100% cotton that is a worsted weight yarn will always work best.  Some of my favorite cotton yarns are

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I have included all kinds of different beautiful crochet coaster patterns in this round up from fun and vibrant flower coasters to modern crochet coasters.  I hope that you will find a pattern that you will enjoy crocheting!

Enjoy these 50 FREE Crochet Coaster Patterns!

1. Flower Coasters

colorful flower coasters in all colors

I love using different colors of yarn to make these fun coasters.  These would make for a great last-minute gift.

Find the Flower Coasters Crochet Pattern by Okie Girl Bling n Things

2. Mug Rug Coasters

grey and blue mug rug coasters

These mug rugs use simple stitches and are a quick crochet project to whip up.  There are so many color combinations that you can work up with this easy crochet coaster pattern that will look great!

Find the Mug Rug Coasters Crochet Pattern by Simply Hooked by Janet

3. Coffee Time Mug Rug

Coffee Time Mug Rug Coaster Crochet Pattern

If you are a coffee lover, then you will want to make this free crochet pattern.  These square coasters use a fun crochet technique called tapestry crochet. 

Find the Coffee Time Mug Rug Crochet Pattern by The Loopy Lamb

4. Heart Coasters

crochet heart coaster pattern

Whether it is Valentine’s Day or you just want to add a little ‘Love’ to your decor, these heart coasters are perfect!

Find the Heart Coasters Crochet Pattern by Okie Girl Bling n Things

5. Mandala Coasters 

mandala crochet coasters

This is a great coaster pattern that would work well for scrap yarn since every row is a different color.  

Find the Mandala Coasters Crochet Pattern by Hooked on Patterns

6. The Sun’s Out Coasters

Bright yellow sunshine coasters

Add a ray of cheer to any room with this free pattern!  I think that this pattern would work made in either yellow, orange or even a combination of both.

Find the The Sun’s Out Coasters Crochet Pattern by a Crocheted Simplicity

7. Rounds of Flowers Coasters

pink and blue flower crochet coasters

These coasters absolutely remind me of springtime and all the colorful flowers that bloom then!

Find the Rounds of Flowers Coasters Crochet Pattern by Raffamusa Designs

8. Easy Crochet Coasters

collage of round coasters

I love these crocheted coasters made with the contrasting color around the edge, it really makes it pop.

Find the Easy Crochet Coasters Pattern by Fosbas Designs

9. Textured Mug Rug

white and mustard colored mug rugs

This is a change from regular round coasters and they have a lot of texture.

Find the Textured Mug Rug Crochet Pattern Fosbas Designs

10. Quinnley Coasters

simple blue round crochet coasters

These coasters are the perfect project if you are wanting something that uses basic crochet stitches.

Find the Quinnley Coasters Crochet Pattern by Through the Loop Yarn Craft

11. Plaid Coasters

Plaid Crochet coasters

These plaid coasters will make for the perfect coffee table decor in the winter time.  There is even a video tutorial on how to crochet them in the blog post.

Find the Plaid Coaster Crochet Pattern by Nicki’s Homemade Crafts

12. Watermelon Coasters

watermelon crochet coasters

If you are wanting something fun and fruit themed, then these watermelon coasters are perfect.  Especially if you make them in the summer!

Find the Watermelon Coasters Crochet Pattern by Okie Girl Bling n Things

13. Teddy Bear Coasters

Teddy Bear Crochet coasters

These coasters are beary cute!

Find the Teddy Bear Coasters Pattern by Hooked on Patterns

14. Koala Coasters

Koala Crochet coasters

You may think, ‘do cute crochet coasters exist?’  Yes, they do and they are these cute koala coasters.

Find the Koala Coasters Crochet Pattern by Hooked on Patterns

15. Round Puff Stitch Coasters

round puff stitch coasters crochet pattern

I love the simple design of these coasters yet how cute they look!

Find the Puff Stitch Coasters Pattern by My Crochet Space

16. Daisy Flower Coaster

Daisy Flower coaster crochet pattern

These Daisy flower crochet coasters are absolutely perfect and would make for the cutest decor for anywhere in your home whether in the dining room or living room.

Find the Daisy Flower Coaster Pattern by Jo to the World Creations

17. Boho Fringe Coasters

These beautiful crochet coasters look great when made in these natural colors.

Find the Fringe Coasters Crochet Pattern by For the Frills

18. Chrysanthemum Coasters

colorful flower coasters crochet pattern

If you are wanting some fun and bright colored coasters, this is a great pattern!

Find the Chrysanthemum Coasters Crochet Pattern by My Hobby is Crochet

19. Moss Stitch Coasters

moss stitch coasters crochet pattern

The moss stitch is an easy pattern to learn and striping the colors can really add detail to your finished piece.

Find the Moss Stitch Coasters Crochet Pattern by My Hobby is Crochet

​20. Beaded Coasters

beaded hexagon coasters crochet pattern

​The beads are a great addition to any crochet project, but really add to these hexagon coasters.

Find the Beaded Coasters Crochet Pattern by Simply Hooked by Janet

Coasters Crochet Patterns collage

21. Easy Pom Pom Coasters by Repeat Crafter Me

22. Chain Stitch Coasters by Repeat Crafter Me

23. Coffee Cup Coasters by Repeat Crafter Me

24. Citrus Coasters by Crochet 365 Knit Too

25. Cute Cat Coasters by Crochet 365 Knit Too

26. Kaleidoscope Coasters by Crochet 365 Knit Too

27. Square Crochet Coasters by Stitching Together

28. Star Coasters by Marsha Yarn Doodles

29. Cactus Coasters by Sewrella

Coasters Crochet Patterns collage round 2

30. Boho Heart Coasters by Stitching Together

31. Apple Coasters by Easy Crochet

32. Polka Dot Coasters by Raffamusa Designs

33. Rainbow Coasters by Stitch by Fay

34. Frog Coasters by Stitch by Fay

35. Donut Bear Coasters by Stitch by Fay

36. Boho Bobble Coasters by You Should Craft

37. Swirly Bloom Coasters by The Crochet Fix

38. Dainty Coasters by The Crochet Fix

Coasters Crochet Patterns collage round 3

39. Flower Coasters by Annie Design Crochet

40. Mushroom Coaster by Divine Debris

41. Cactus Mug Rugs by Divine Debris

42. Penguin Coasters by Divine Debris

43. Checkered Coasters by CAAB Crochet

44. Marigold Boho Coasters by Hooks, Books & Wanderlust

45. Modern Coasters by 5 Little Monsters

46. Sunflower Coaster by Crochet 365 Knit Too

47. Cup of Sunshine Coasters by Crochet with Gabriella Rose

Copy of Coasters Crochet Patterns collage round 4

Spring Bloom Coasters by The Unraveled Mitten

49. Forget Me Not Lace Coasters by Desert Blossom Crafts

50. Sunflower Coasters by Nana’s Crafty Home

That wraps up this round up for 50 Free Crochet Coaster Patterns! I hope that you have found a pattern that you love!  Go grab your crochet hook and cotton yarn and let’s get started!

Happy Crocheting!

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