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I don’t know about you but I love crocheting a blanket with the popular Mandala Yarn from Lion Brand.  The different colors in each skein of yarn always produce such amazing results and make for such a great project.

Mandala Blanket crochet patterns collage image

You might even learn some new stitches with these free crochet mandala patterns.  There are blankets that use the corner to corner stitch, closed scallop stitch, bean stitch, granny ripple stitch and even the puff stitch in this pattern round up.

What Different Types of Mandala Yarns are There?

There are all different kinds of Mandala Yarn from Lion Brand Yarns!  The most popular Mandala yarn weight probably being their #3 lightweight mandala, but they even have #6 super bulky Mandala yarn!

Some of the different yarns in Mandala that they have are

Is Mandala Yarn Good for Blankets?

Yes, Mandala yarn works absolutely wonderful for crochet blankets!  You can even uses the most basic stitches and the finished piece will still look amazing when made with mandala yarn.

​And, the finished piece will still look great when you use different stitches throughout the piece like puff stitches or something really textured like that!

Enjoy these 15 Mandala Crochet Blanket Patterns!

1. Bean Stitch Baby Blanket

Bean Stitch Baby Blanket crochet pattern

I love this colorful variation of Lion Brand Mandala yarn.  This blanket uses a simple stitch called the bean stitch and works up beautifully with this yarn.  This is a super easy pattern to make different sizes of blankets with.  I would love to see this blanket made with different colors of Mandala yarn.

Find the Bean Stitch Baby Blanket Pattern by Okie Girl Bling n Things

2. Closed Scallop Stitch Blanket

Mandala Blanket crochet pattern

The designer of this beautiful blanket even made a video tutorial for the special stitch used in this pattern!  I love how this self-striping yarn changes colors throughout this blanket pattern.

Find the Closed Scallop Stitch Blanket Pattern by Maria’s Blue Crayon

3. Dragon Scales Baby Blanket

Dragon Scale Blanket crochet pattern

This is a beautiful baby blanket pattern.  It is a intermediate level crochet project that uses a combination of regular crochet and tunisian crochet.  

Find the Dragon Scales Baby Blanket Pattern by Make It Crochet

4. Candy Stripes Lapghan

Candy Striped Blanket crochet pattern

This is a stunning afghan!  I love how this blanket uses a light, solid color of yarn and stripes it with the Mandala yarn to really make all those colors pop!  

Find the Candy Stripes Lapghan Pattern by A Crocheted Simplicity

5. Mandala Blanket Bag

Mandala Bag Blanket crochet pattern

Not only is this free pattern a blanket, the finished product can also be turned into a bag!  How cool is that!?

Find the Mandala Blanket Bag Pattern by Mama in a Stitch

6. Centaur Mandala Afghan

Centaur Blanket crochet pattern

This Mandala yarn crochet pattern is made with some fun crochet stitches like the puff stitch to give it lots of texture!  It uses almost 4 skeins of the recommended yarn and the finished size is approx. 48” x 48”.

​Find the Centaur Mandala Afghan Pattern by A Crocheted Simplicity

7. Mandala Waves Baby Blanket

Waves Mandala Blanket crochet pattern

After the 1st row, this free crochet pattern is a 4 row repeat!  Super easy for working on while watching tv or even while riding in the car!

Find the Mandala Waves Baby Blanket Pattern by Make It Crochet

8. Autumn Skies Throw

Autumn Skies Blanket crochet pattern

If there is one word that I have for this blanket, it would be texture!  This free crochet blanket pattern uses a combination of special stitches like back post double crochet and front post double crochet to give it this awesome texture!

Find the autumn Skies Throw Pattern by Rich Textures Crochet

9. Reflections Throw

Reflections Blanket crochet pattern

I love the color changes in this blanket between all the blue and grey tones.  And, you know that I love any crochet project that is finished off with tassels or fringe!

Find the Reflections Throw Blanket Pattern by Rich Textures Crochet

10. Caspian Blanket

Caspian Blanket crochet pattern

This blanket pattern uses a fun crochet technique called corner to corner or C2C crochet.  Corner to corner crochet uses basic crochet stitches like chain stitches and double crochet stitches and is so fun to do!

Find the Caspian Blanket Pattern by A Crocheted Simplicity

11. On the Bias Afghan

On the Bias Blanket crochet pattern

This is a rectangular blanket that uses a few different fun crochet stitches like the granny stitch that really makes this blanket unique.  

Find the On the Bias Afghan Pattern by A Crocheted Simplicity

12. Sundance Granny Ripple Stitch Blanket

Sundance Blanket crochet pattern

This blanket uses not 1, but different color of Lion Brand mandala Yarn to produce a super colorful and cozy blanket.  It uses a fun stitch called the Granny Ripple stitch.  You could easily use your favorite type of Mandala yarn for this blanket, whether it is worsted weight yarn or the light weight yarn.  

Find the Sundance Granny Blanket Pattern by Mama in a Stitch

13. Ombre Tie Dye Blanket

Tie Dye Blanket crochet pattern

If you love bright colors, then you will definitely love all the vibrant colours in this blanket pattern.  Seeing all the color changes can be so much fun as you crochet.  This blanket uses the granny stitch and look like a fun project!

Find the Ombre Tie Dye Blanket Pattern by Yarnalina

14. Rainbow Moss Stitch Blanket

Rainbow Stripes Blanket crochet pattern

I love how this self striping yarn worked up for this beautiful blanket pattern!  It makes for the perfect crochet baby blankets!  If you can chain, single crochet and double crochet, then you can make this beautiful blanket.

Find the Rainbow Moss Stitch Blanket Pattern by Daisy Cottage Designs

15. Whitby Baby Blanket

Whitby Baby Blanket crochet pattern

Even if your crochet skills are still on the beginner side, you can still crochet this adorable blanket.  You could use a different color and make it for a baby boy too.

​Find the Whitby Baby Blanket Pattern by Lion Brand

That wraps up this round up for 15 Mandala Crochet Blanket Patterns! I hope that you have found a pattern that you love!  Go grab your crochet hook and yarn and let’s get started!

Happy Crocheting!

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