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The beach, flip flops, sunscreen, all these things make me think of SUMMER!  But, sometimes it can be so hard to come up with crochet ideas for summer.  I mean, what can you crochet in the blistering heat?

Well, look no farther and check out these awesome 25 FREE crochet projects that are great to make in the summer time!

What’s the Best Yarn to Use For Summer Crochet Projects?

Of course, this completely depends on the project, but I’d say you typically want to go with a lightweight yarn or even a lighter worsted weight yarn in the warmer months.  Cotton yarn is especially popular to crochet with when it’s hot out.

What Kind of Projects can you Crochet in the Summer Season? 

There are lots of fun things to crochet in the Summer time like beach bags, sunglass cases, lightweight clothing, swimsuit cover ups, a summer hat, crochet sandals.  

The list could go on, but just scroll on through these 25 crochet ideas for summer!

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1. Flip Flop Chair Socks

I’m starting out this pattern round up with these cute flip flop chair socks!  I mean, does anything say summer like these?  And, they also serve a great purpose and protect your floors.

Find the Flip Flop Chair Socks Pattern HERE by Jo to the World

2. Sweet Stripes Sunglasses Case

Of course, you always need something to put your sunglasses in where they will be safe and protected and not get scratched.  This is a great way to just be able to throw them into your beach bag and not worry about them.

Find the Sweet Stripes Sunglasses Case Pattern HERE by Green Fox Farm Designs

3. Easy Glasses Case

Here’s another option in the sunglasses case.  The best thing about this pattern is that it is made in a rectangle and then folded to form the case.

Find the Easy Glasses Case HERE by Okie Girl Bling n Things

4. Summer Tote Bag

This tote bag is a beginner-friendly crochet pattern that uses a special outdoor yarn and half double crochet stitches to work up.  Because we all know that you need a tote bag or a beach bag for the summer time!

Find the Summer Tote Bag Pattern HERE by Lovabe Loops

5. Julia Top

This is the perfect top pattern for summer!  The pattern has many different sizes.  It would be a great addition for your summer wardrobe.

Find the Julia Top Pattern HERE by Knitting with Chop Sticks

6. Water Bottle Holder

Now you can bring water with you on that hot summer day hands free!  I would love to see one of these made in bright colors, perfect for summer!

Find the Water Bottle Holder Pattern HERE by Jo to the World 

7. Flower Freeze Pop Holder

This is the perfect project to make for kids, I mean even adults might love them too!  Never have freezing fingers again when trying to eat a freeze pop!

Find the Flower Freeze Pop Holder HERE by Jo to the World

8. Crocodile Freeze Pop Holder

And, for the boys that don’t want their fingers freezing while eating a freeze pop, how about this cute crocodile one?!
Find the Crocodile Freeze Pop Holder HERE by Jo to the World

9. Springtime Market Bag

This free pattern uses cotton yarn and is such a fun project to whip up in warmer weather!  Use it to go to all those summer time farmer’s markets to load up on fresh veggies!

Find the Springtime Market Bag Pattern HERE by Okie Girl Bling n Things

10. Granny Square Bucket Hat

Because we know that you need a bucket hat to protect you from the sun this summer!  Of course, it has to included granny squares because they are all the rage right now!

Find the Granny Square Bucket Hat Pattern HERE by Make & Do Crew

11. Boho Purse

I feel like this trendy boho purse is the perfect fit for any Summer Day.  Pair it with a cute top and some denim shorts and you have the perfect outfit!

Find the Boho Purse Pattern HERE by Make & Do Crew

12. Watermelon Coasters

​Nothing says summer time like watermelons!  And, coasters are the perfect choice to crochet in the heat of summer as they are small projects.

Find the Watermelon Coasters Pattern HERE by Okie Girl Bling n Things

13. Monster Ice Pop Holders

Well, I don’t know what kid wouldn’t love these to hold their ice pops with.  Make them one in their favorite color and they can enjoy their ice pop without freezing fingers.

Find the Monster Ice Pop Holders Pattern HERE by Blackstone Designs

14. Fruity Ice Cream Cozies

And, speaking of not freezing your fingers, these ice cream cozies are so cute and serve a great purpose!  Which fruit will you make first?

Find the Fruity Ice Cream Cozy Pattern HERE by Blackstone Designs

15. Summer Blanket

This blanket looks like a lot of fun to crochet!  I love all the different things in this blanket that remind me of Summer.

Find the Summer Blanket Pattern HERE by Lovable Loops

16. Pineapple Scrubby

This is an easy way to add a little summer to your kitchen.  It’s one of those quick summer crochet patterns that just puts a smile on your face!

Find the Pineapple scrubby pattern HERE by Okie Girl Bling n Things

17. Summer Day Bag

This bag pattern is crocheted using an outdoor yarn that holds up very well!  It would make the perfect beach bag!

Find the Summer Day Bag Pattern HERE by Winding Road Crochet

18. Summer Themed Granny Square Blanket

Everything about this free crochet pattern reminds me about warm weather and summer!  It has flip flops, beach balls, sunglasses, watermelon slices and even more different appliques that remind you of summer months,

Find the Summer Themed Blanket Pattern HERE by Maria’s Blue Crayon

19. Crochet Edge Beach Towel

You can even add crochet to your beach towels this summer!  How cool is that?!  This is a fun way to customize your beach towel and give them a colorful touch.

Find the Crochet Edge Beach Towel Pattern HERE by Dream a Little Bigger

20. Beach Ball

Did you know that you can crochet a realistic looking beach ball?  Of course, I wouldn’t recommend taking this one to the beach, but it be cool for the kids to play with it in the house.

Find the Beach Ball Pattern HERE by Persia Lou

21. Twist Swancho

This crochet wearable is an easy crochet project that uses basic crochet stitches.  Pair it with a tank top underneath during the summer for a fun outfit!

Find the Twist Swancho Pattern HERE by Sewrella

22. Ice Cream Keychains

What’s better in the summer time than a cold ice cream cone?  How about a cute crochet one that you can use as a keychain?

Find the Ice Cream Keychain Pattern HERE by The Friendly Red Fox

23. Scooped Ice Cream Cone

Want 1, 2, 3 or 4 scoops of ice cream on your cone?  I’m sure that kids would absolutely love this ice cream cone to play with this summer!

Find the Scooped Ice Cream Cone Pattern HERE by Repeat Crafter Me

24. Ice Cream Applique

​How cute is this?!  Don’t mind me if I’m adding little ice cream appliques to everything now.

Find the Ice Cream Applique Pattern HERE by Raffamusa Designs

25. Popsicle Bag

This tote not only looks just like a popsicle, it can also double as a water bottle holder!

Find the Popsicle Bag Pattern HERE by Snappy Tots

That wraps up this round up for 25 Summer Crochet Ideas blog post! I hope that you have found a fun challenge to crochet! So, go grab your crochet hook and favorite yarn and get started!

Happy Crocheting!

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