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Enjoy this pattern round up that is filled with a collection of 35 crochet winter headband patterns!

35 winter headband crochet patterns collage image

Plus, all the patterns included are FREE!  There are patterns for all levels of crocheters, no matter your skill level.  If you are a beginner crocheter just starting out or a bit more advanced, I’m sure that you can find the perfect project in this post.

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Enjoy these 35 FREE Crochet Winter Headband Patterns!

1. Herringbone Moss Stitch Headband

Herringbone Moss Stitch headband crochet pattern

The texture of this headband looks so cozy!  Plus, the pattern has 4 different sizes.  It’s the perfect accessory to add to your winter wardrobe.

Find the Herringbone Moss Stitch Headband Pattern by Han Jan Crochet

2. Easy Twisted Headband

crochet easy twist headband on woman

This is a super easy pattern that uses simple stitches.  The best part of this pattern is the fuzzy and soft yarn it is made with!

Find the Easy Twist Headband Pattern by Okie Girl Bling n Things

3. Alicia Ear Warmer

Alicia headband crochet pattern

If you are looking for an ear warmer pattern that has a unique design, then you will love this pattern!  It uses a worsted weight yarn and looks great worked up in a solid color!

Find the Alicia Ear Warmer Pattern by Desert Blossom Crafts

4. Arvensis Headband

Easy Moss Stitch Headband crochet pattern

This is an easy crochet headband pattern that uses one of my favorite stitches, the moss stitch!

Find the Arvensis Headband Pattern by High Desert Yarn

5.  Alpine Twist Headband

Alpine Stitch Headband crochet pattern

I love the texture of the alpine stitch!  Pair that with a twist headband and you have the perfect project!  This alpine crochet headband is so cute when finished off with a twist.

Find the Alpine Twist headband Pattern by Okie Girl Bling n Things

6. Toasty and Twisted Ear Warmer

Toasty and Twisted Ear warmer crochet pattern

This warm headband pattern even has a headband size chart with lots of size options for you to choose from going from baby sizes to adult sizes.

Find the Toasty and Twisted Ear Warmer Pattern by the Turtle Trunk

7. Everglade Ear Warmer

Everglade Earwarmer crochet pattern

If you love lots of texture in your crochet pieces, then you will love this ear warmer pattern.  This pattern is super easy as you just make a rectangle that fits your head circumference and sew the ends together!

Find the Everglade Ear Warmer Pattern by Desert Blossom Crafts

8. Picot Headband

Picot Textured headband crochet pattern

This free crochet pattern has so much texture and looks fabulous when made in solid colors!  Of course, I always love a good twist headband!

Find the Picot Headband Pattern by the Turtle Trunk

9. Double Layer Headband

Double Layer Headband crochet pattern

If you are looking for a warmer headband pattern, this double layer headband may just be perfect for you!  Perfect for really cold weather

Find the Double Layer Headband Pattern by Simply Hooked by Janet

10. Easy Textured Ear Warmer

Ribbed Textured Headband crochet pattern

I always love the look of crochet ribbing and that is what these ear warmers remind me of.  You will use some basic crochet stitches worked into the back loops to create this beautiful texture on these headbands.

Find the Easy Textured Ear Warmer Pattern by Simply Hooked by Janet

11. Mountain Trail Headband

Mountain Trial Headband crochet pattern

I love the unique look of the yarn used in this headband.  The pattern even has 3 different sizes!

Find the Mountain Trail Headband Pattern by Nana’s Crafty Home

12. Velvet Twist Headband

Velvet Twist Headband crochet pattern

This is a super soft and cozy headband pattern.  It is made with a worsted weight velvet yarn and makes for a quick project.

Find the Velvet Twist Headband Pattern by Carroway Crochet

13. Ribbed Twisted Headband

Ribbed Twist Headband crochet pattern

This is another super easy textured headband crochet pattern.  And, I love that it is finished off with a twist.

Find the Ribbed Twisted Headband Pattern by Lovable Loops

14. Knit Looking Crochet Headband

knit looking twist Headband crochet pattern

Want to crochet a headband that look like knit?  This is the perfect one for you!

Find the Knit Looking Headband Pattern by Briana K Designs

15. Cable Twist Headband

easy cable ear warmer crochet pattern

Think that you can only knit cables?  Think again because you can definitely crochet cables!

Find the Cable Twist Headband Pattern by Gleeful Things

16. Chunky Twist Headband

chunky twist Headband crochet pattern

If you are looking for a quick headband pattern, this one uses a super bulky yarn and works up in a flash!

Find the Chunky Twist Headband Pattern by You Should Craft

17. Estrella Cable Headband

Cable Headband crochet pattern

This free pattern uses a fun technique with creating cables!  It uses a worsted weight yarn and looks so pretty worked up in a solid color with the cable detail.

Find the Estrella Cable Headband Pattern by Stardust Gold Crochet

18. Aria Headband

puff stitch Headband crochet pattern

I love the puff stitches in this headband.  Such a cute headband pattern!

Find the Aria Headband Pattern by Stardust Gold Crochet

19. Harley Herringbone Headband 

Herringbone Headband crochet pattern

I love the neat look of the stitches on this headband!  It looks like it would definitely keep your ears toasty on a cold day.

Find the Harley Herringbone Headband Pattern by Lakeside Loops

20. Ribbed Velvet Twist Headband

velvet twist ear warmer crochet pattern

This is another warmer crochet pattern that uses the famous Bernat velvet yarn.  I’m sure that this is such a soft headband.

Find the Ribbed Velvet Twist Headband Pattern by Diasy Farm Crafts

21. Falling Leaves Headband

Super Easy crochet pattern

This is a simple crochet pattern that makes a pretty headband.

Find the Falling Leaves Headband Pattern by Blackstone Designs

22. Bobble Ear Warmer

Bobble headband crochet pattern

No stitch has the texture quite like a bobble stitch and that makes this headband such a fun one to crochet!

Find the bobble Ear Warmer Pattern by Avery lane Creations

23. Plaid Headband

Plaid faux fur ear warmer crochet pattern

This cute plaid headband is lined with cozy faux fur yarn making it super warm on colder days.

Find the Plaid Headband Pattern by Blackstone Designs

24. Chic Textures Headwarmer

Chic headband crochet pattern

I love the different stitches used for this headband.  This simple pattern takes less than one skein of yarn, so you could actually get 2 headbands per skein or have leftover yarn for maybe some matching gloves.

Find the Chic Textures Headwarmer Pattern by A Crocheted Simplicity

25. Braided Headband

chunky braided headband crochet pattern

This super cute headband pattern uses a bulky weight yarn and basic stitches to make this neat look.  It’s such a modern looking headband.

Find the Braided Headband Crochet Pattern by Jewels and Jones

Winter Headband Crochet Patterns collage

26. Chic Cabled Headband Pattern by a Crocheted Simplicity

27. Essen chunky Ear Warmer by Stitch and Hustle

28. Chevron Peaks Ear Warmer by a Crocheted Simplicity 

29. Mimi Ear Warmer by Blue Star Crochet

30. Astrid Headband by Stardust Crochet

31. Windward Winter Headband by Stitching Together

32. Alpine Headband by Crochet 365 Knit Too

33. 1 Hour Twist Headband by Kirsten Holloway Designs

34. Off the Grid Ear Warmer by Heart Hook Home

35. Autumn Twist Ear Warmer

Autumn Twist headband crochet pattern

Find the Autumn Twist Ear Warmer Pattern by the Purple Poncho

That wraps up this round up for 35 Crochet Winter Headband Patterns! I hope that you have found a pattern that you love!  Go grab your crochet hook and yarn and let’s get started!

Happy Crocheting!

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