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Learning how to do the Foundation Single Crochet is one of the best stitches that you can learn as a crocheter! It will help to save you time when starting a new project and help add stretch when needed.

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What is Foundation Single Crochet ?

Basically, when you crochet a row of foundation single crochet, you are crocheting the first row of chain stitches and the very first row of single crochet at the same time. This makes counting the stitches much easier than counting a row of chain stitches.

It also makes for a stretchier piece than regular chain stitches and single crochet. So, if you are making something like a headband or a hat and would like for it to have a little more stretch in it and not be so tight at the beginning where you start it. You can simply start out with the foundation single crochet at the beginning of the pattern.

This will also help with let’s say a blanket and you don’t want to maybe count out 110 chains and then have to work a row of single crochet back down across the chain stitches. You can simply foundation single crochet as many stitches as you need (it’s easier to count and easier to work with.)

Plus, it kinda gives you an idea of how big your project is going to be without having to guess and pull out your whole row of single crochet and shorten your row of chain stitches. You can simply either add or take away a foundation single crochet stitch or stitches.

It will also be abbreviated like this FSC.

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How Can I Use Foundation Single Crochet in Any Pattern?

Basically any pattern that starts with a row of chain stitches and then a row of single crochet right into those chain stitches can be switched very easily for a row of foundation single crochet.

Here’s an example –

Say the first row of a pattern is this,

Row 1: ch 25, single crochet in the 2nd chain stitch from hook and in every chain stitch across (24)

The end stitch count is 24, so you will simply foundation single crochet 24 stitches and skip all the chaining and work the rest of the pattern as follows.

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Stitch Key –

  • ch = chain
  • st = stitch (es)
  • sk = skip
  • sc = single crochet
  • fsc = foundation single crochet
  • sp = space
  • yo = yarn over
  • t = turn

Step – by – Step

Step 1: make a slip knot and ch 2

Step 2: in the 2nd ch from hook, insert your hook, yo and pull up a loop. 2 loops on your hook

Step 3: yo, pull through 1 loop ( 2 loops on your hook)

Step 4: yo, pull through 2 loops. 1 fsc made

To continue making fsc

Step 5: insert hook in the bottom of the stitch just made (it will kinda look like a v)

Step 6: yo and pull up a loop ( 2 loops on hook)

Step 7: yo and pull through 1 loop ( 2 loops on hook)

Step 8: yo and pull through 2 loops on hook. another fsc completed.

Continue repeating steps 5-8 until you have as many fsc stitches as you need.

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  1. I’d love to see a “Print Friendly” option on your patterns since those I print from our library are LOADED with garbage ads.

    Thanks for this tutorial, too – appreciate it!

    1. Hi, all of my patterns have a PDF version that is printable available in my Etsy shop for a small fee. Each individual pattern has the link in the post to the Etsy listing. Thank you!