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So, you’ve finally decided to make a temperature blanket….YAY! Now comes the 2 hardest decisions, what crochet stitch should you use?

Deciding to make a temperature blanket can seem like both a fun and hard task at the same time.  You probably have all kinds of questions like “what yarn colors should I use?”, “what range of temperatures do I go by?” or “what temperature blanket chart do I go by?”

I have many different posts answering all these questions, plus free PDF downloads of both temperature charts and color charts here on my blog!  They will be linked throughout this post or you can search temperature blanket and find a wealth of information!

Since it’s going to be a blanket that you will be working on all year long, you will definitely want to choose a stitch that you enjoy making and one that can distinguish each row or day very well.

What is a Temperature Blanket?

You may be wondering exactly what is a temperature blanket?  Let me simply explain it for you.

A temperature blanket is a fun year-long crochet project that you crochet (or knit) one row on everyday for a whole year in the color coordinating with the daily temperature.  Generally, you start on them on January 1st and finish on December 31st.

I do mine with the day’s high temperature, but I have seen others do the low temperature for the day or even both.  I’ve even heard of some doing the average temperature of the day, it’s completely up to you how you decide to make your own temperature blanket.

I’ve seen many people do their current year, but I have also seen others go back a few years and do a special year like the birth year of a child or the year that you got married and make the special days with a special color of yarn or beads.

A temperature blanket project is a creative way to not only make a blanket, but also a wonder keepsake for you or a loved one!

There are so many different ways to make them, you can really be creative with the whole blanket!

What I love about temperature blankets, is that even if you are more on the beginner side of crocheting, is that you can even use simple stitches like single crochet stitches and still wind up with a beautiful blanket with all the different colors that make up the blankets.

​What Yarn Weight Should I Use for my Temperature Blanket?

The couple of temperature blankets that I have made in the past, I have always used a worsted weight yarn.  I would definitely recommend using a worsted weight yarn or a dk weight yarn and nothing larger than a #4.  

Anything thicker than that and you will wind up with a monster of a blanket at the end of the year.

What Stitch I will be using for my own Temperature Blanket –

The very first temperature blanket that I made in 2018, I used the single crochet stitch. But, this year, I’m wanting to do something a little different and make my own temperature blanket crochet pattern.

I’m going to be doing mine in the Moss Stitch in a Square. If you have don’t know how, I have a full tutorial for that stitch HERE.

***Update: I finished my 2022 Temperature Blanket and the free pattern is available on my blog.  Check out THIS POST to see it!

I will be making 12 squares. 1 square per month doing 1 row per day with the color coordinating with that days weather. I will choose a neutral color to go around each square with and for the border.

Here’s the swatch that I’ve made so far….This isn’t my set color scheme, just a gauge swatch to help me determine my finished blanket size.

What I plan on doing to keep my squares even, is I will be doing a couple extra rows on each square in my border color to make sure each square has the same number of rows. So, if a month has 30 days then the next has 31, I will be adding 3 additional rows around the 30 row one and 2 additional rows around the 31 row one. I will have 33 rows per square, that way you can barely tell if one square has 2 or 3 additional rows of border color.

I will be attaching my squares as I go. I will do 3 squares wide and 4 squares long and at the end of the year I may decide to put a border around them, but I will see about that when I get there.

Approx. Finished Measurements

For my gauge swatch I used a H/5.00mm Crochet hook and my square of 10 rounds came out to be 6” across. So, a 30 round square will be approx. 18” across before a border. I used Brava Worsted from WeCrochet Official in Mint, Alfalfa & Tranquil. This is the brand of yarn that I plan on using for my entire blanket.

My blanket should be approx. 54” wide and 72” long before I add any border to it.

Other Stitch Ideas –

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I know that finding a specific temperature range for the specific area that you live in is not always an easy task.  So, I created over a dozen temperature charts ranging in all different temperature.  They even have fahrenheit and celsius temperatures!  

If you want to check out a temperature chart (and did I mention that they are FREE PDF downloads?!) check out THIS POST!

Granny Squares –

I’ve seen a bunch of people asking about doing a granny square temperature blanket. I love this idea, but it can kinda be confusing with knowing how many granny squares to make, do I make 1 gigantic square, How to join, border…etc.

Thankfully Toni at TL Yarn Crafts, made her Bias Granny Temperature Blanket in 2020 so You can find all of the details for that HERE.

It’s a really pretty blanket!

Granny Stripe

Maybe instead of Granny Squares, you could do the Granny Stripe! I Love this idea too!

Granny Stripe pattern by Attic24. Find it HERE

Regular Moss Stitch

If you maybe want to do the Moss Stitch, but you don’t want to join squares, then try doing the Regular Moss Stitch. This is also known as the linen stitch. Find that tutorial HERE

Here’s a gauge swatch that I worked up –

I used a H/5.00mm Crochet hook and I Love This Yarn in Orchid, Amethyst & Grape. Find the Moss Stitch Tutorial HERE

Single Crochet Chevron Stitch –

This is another really pretty stitch. B Hooked Crochet has a great tutorial for this stitch HERE.

Here’s a swatch that I worked up –

I used a H/5.00mm Crochet hook and I Love This Yarn in Pink, Hot Rose & Tropical Pink. Find this Single Crochet Chevron Tutorial HERE


This is another fabulous idea! Love this blanket by Wyldflower Crochet

Find all the details about this blanket and pattern HERE

Corner 2 Corner

This is another really fun stitch! It’s All in a Nutshell Crochet gives all the details that she used on her C2C temperature blanket that she made. Find it HERE

Lazy Wave Blanket

This is a really neat blanket pattern by Look What I Made. Find the Pattern HERE

Circles in Square Blanket

You could completely customize this blanket for a temperature blanket! It would be so cute! Find the Pattern HERE

Corner Temperature Blanket

This is a granny square like blanket, but made from corner to corner….So Fun! Find the Pattern HERE

Circles in Squares Temperature Blanket

I really like the idea of this one. Each individual circle is a different day. Find the pattern HERE

Suggestions –

I really hope that all these examples have helped you to decide on what stitch you will be using on your temperature blanket!

But, before I end this post, I do want to make a couple of suggestions –

  • I would definitely recommend doing a gauge swatch of whichever stitch you use so you can figure out the approx. finished blanket size. Because nothing is more frustrating that getting halfway into a project and then realizing that it’s way too big or too small. It will definitely be worth that extra hour of making a gauge swatch in the long run
  • Don’t over complicate things! Pick a stitch that you enjoy making and don’t try to pick one that’s too advanced or hard for you to do. Because in the long run, if you don’t enjoy it, you probably aren’t going to want to finish it.
  • Choose simple stitches that will showcase the yarn. Even the simplest of stitches will look amazing once you start incorporating multiple colors
  • AND, it doesn’t have to be a blanket! You could even do a temperature scarf maybe if you don’t want to commit to finishing a whole entire blanket.

Did you decide what stitch you want to use for your Temperature blanket? Great! Then, you may want to check out my FREE & Downloadable Temperature and color charts! I have 12 different temperature charts and 7 color charts to choose from!

Find the Temperature charts HERE

Find the Color charts HERE

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I hope that you have found this post helpful! I love to see what everyone makes using inspiration from my blog! If you make a temperature blanket, be sure to tag me @okiegirlblingnthings on Instagram so I can see!

Happy Crocheting!

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  1. Does one pick an average temp for the day? Say like the high and then chose a color for the temp? Or pick a certain time off day ?

    1. I do the high temperature for the day, some people do the lowest and some people do the average, lol. It’s kinda just what you prefer. I have a color chart that I made a couple years ago, it’s linked in the post toward the top, but I will be making some new ones this week. If you haven’t joined my Facebook group for the crochet a long, you should! It’s gonna be fun! 🤩

    1. For a beginner, I’d recommend either just a single crochet blanket or doing the moss stitch (straight and not in a square one). Hope this helps!