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I know that there are many people, both young and old, that have to to wear medical grade face mask for health reasons. And, medical mask are not very pretty (most of them are ugly) , so why not give them a cover up!

This mask isn’t designed to be wore alone, but over your traditional medical grade face mask to add color and uniqueness.

I chose a multi colored striped yarn that has vibrant colors of teal, hot pink, orange and white running through it. It’s Hobby Lobby’s I Love This Cotton in Pink/Teal/Orange.

I also made another version of this mask in a fox. Available in both adult and child size. Find it HERE

I chose cotton yarn because it would have the least tendency to stretch out quickly and it can be easily washed and dried out.

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Want a sewing pattern for a face mask???


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Things you will need:


  • Finished mask cover approx. 7’’ wide (without the straps) & 4.25’’ tall
  • I typically have a small face but this pattern could easily be made smaller or larger by simply decreasing/increasing starting chains and adding/omitting rows


  • ch = chain
  • t = turn
  • sc = single crochet
  • hdc = half double crochet
  • Sl st = slip stitch
  • st = stitch (es)


Row 1: ch 28, hdc in 3rd ch from hook and in each ch across (26)

Row 2: ch 2, t, hdc in 3rd loop of each st across (26)

The 3rd loop is the loop on the back below the regular stitch.

You could easily just do regular hdc, but I like how doing it in the 3rd loop gives it that little detail on the front.

Row 3: ch 2, t, hdc in each st across (26)

Rows 4 – 11: repeat rows 2 & 3

Do not cut yarn.  

Ch 1, do not turn and evenly sc down side.  I worked 17 st down the sides. Place 2 sc in the bottom corner, sc across bottom, 2 sc in other corner, sc up the other side. 

When you have reached the top of the side, ch 20, sl st into the bottom corner (you could easily add/decrease number of st depending on your face size, but 20 worked for me)

Cut yarn.

Attach yarn on the top corner of the other side, ch 20, sl st into bottom corner.

Cute yarn and weave in all ends.

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    1. I think this is a clever idea. I would like to make them for my nursing friends to cheer 😊 up their day.

  1. Thank you for such a cute pattern! My wife will find it helpful because she is going through chemo and is very vulnerable to allergens/pollen.

  2. Thank you so much for sharing this! This is very helpful during this difficult time and allergy season!

  3. This is amazing!! I love the idea! Especially now through these rough times and I am going to make a bunch and bring them to the hospital. Also what are the washing instructions?

  4. Thank you for the pattern. I live in the Turks and Caicos Islands and we already have 5 cases. While that number might sound small, in a country with a population of less than 50k it’s scary. I can’t get any medical masks so (or cotton yarn) I’ll have to line one side. Once again, thank you. And like I like to say; “Hold it down, y’all.”

  5. I will be trying out the pattern. Love the idea. I want to make some for where I work, which is a nursing home. So I will try to make enough for all the lady’s that I work with. We are in need of the masks , so I will give it a shot. Thanks

  6. If you want to line it with another fabric, like broadcloth or t shirt material, would you just sew it on with thread?

    1. That’s probably the best. I know with some blankets I knitted a few years ago, I sewed the seams with a sewing machine and that worked. Probably depends on how thick it is

  7. Thank you for the pattern. I just made one but mine is not a perfect rectangle. It’s like a leaning rectangle, if that makes any sense. Is that the way it’s supposed to be?

    1. Mine might not be perfect, but they are pretty much a rectangle. Did you make sure to crochet in the stitch and not the ch 2 at beginning of rounds that might could throw it off

      1. That’s probably the problem. Looks like on one side I did in the ch 2 and the other side was in the stitch! UGH!! Thanks! I’ll try it again!

  8. Hi. Beautiful colors. Shame it’s sold out but is ok because I have a stash of other yarn.
    The President says we all need to wear some kind of face mask now ( April 3rd)

    So I’m going to make similar masks and line them w one of the thin cotton sanitary napkins like the ones for bladder leaks. I’m going to crochet straps inside to hold them in. That way after an outing you can come home and remove the cotton pad and reload for your next outing.

  9. Love this simple pattern! Thank you so much for sharing. I’ll be putting a pocket liner in mine and using cut up premium allergen, bacteria & virus filters. 3M makes the 1900 version. I saw these were approved by the CDC for making home masks. Hoping everyone stays home, safe and helathy.

  10. You can make a slip pocket on the inside and insert a coffee filter which is super fine weave and is disposable for an extra layer of protection! Thanks for this pattern it’s great and easy!

  11. Not sure how dense fleece is but perhaps enough to line inside of Cotten crochet mask… both easily washed and reusable and soft against your skin.

  12. Just made my first one, out of cotton yarn. Plan to make at least 6 more, since my daughter and great nephew work in a supermarket, my niece is a rehab therapist, her husband is a chemist and my brother in law and his son are bus drivers. I increased my rows to 17, and then folded over 3 rows on top and bottom, and then stitched up the sides. This gave the inside “pockets” on the top and bottom, so they can change out the liners. They’re saying even coffee filters or paper towels can be used, and this way, they can change the liners frequently without a huge expense. Thanks for such a great and easy pattern!
    BTW, with cotton yarn, I suggest washing in cold water, otherwise it will shrink. Lay flat to dry.

  13. Thanks so much for posting this pattern for free, and thanks to Laurie for the idea of the inner pocket & coffee filter idea. One of my best friends works at Walmart, so of course she needs protection but it can’t be medical-grade protection. That’s a perfect idea of something I can make for her. I’m going to get right on it – I’m going to make one out of Peaches & Cream 100% cotton yarn, another out of Caron Cotton Cakes 60% Cotton, 40% Acrylic yarn. I’ll give her both. Thanks again, and everyone stay safe, stay healthy!

  14. I made one tonight! First thing I’ve crocheted in over 20 years. Very easy to make. I have made several cloth masks that have a pocket for a filter. I bought a hepa air filter, (much better than napkin, or coffee filter, but they are difficult to find now) I took it apart and now I have filters for over 50 masks! My daughter is a RN at the county jail. They were told they should cover their N 95 masks with a cloth mask…so it can last longer! So, I’m trying to make a variety of masks for her medical staff! Thank you for sharing!

  15. Thank you for written instructions. That’s a big help. Also I found that you can use either cheesecloth or regular coffee filters for the filter. It’s lighter than tee shirt material.