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I don’t know about you, but I love a good one skein crochet pattern. And, it’s especially great if it’s a free pattern! I have put together this list of 27 one skein crochet patterns that are all FREE.

What can you crochet with one skein of yarn?

The answer to that is SO MANY THINGS! You can make shawls, crochet scarves, crochet beanies, washcloths, amigurumi, scrubbies, headbands and so much more with just 1 skein of yarn. The options are endless. A lot of things that I will be linking in this post make for great gift ideas too!

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Here are all the one skein wonders!

1. Sunshine Iced Coffee Cup Cozy

This is a quick project that uses cotton yarn. It would be great for using up some of your yarn stash!

Find the Sunshine Iced Coffee Cup Cozy Pattern HERE by Avery Lane Creations

2. Lion Brand Mandala Scarf

I love Lion Brand Mandala yarn because they have the prettiest colors, but they also have a good amount of yardage on each cake so they are perfect for one-skein projects. And, this triangle scarf is no exception to the great patterns that you can whip up using a skein of mandala!

Find the Lion Bran Mandala Scarf Pattern HERE by Make & Do Crew

3. Crochet Bookmarks

Talk about a quick and easy, yet very useful free crochet pattern! You could make many bookmarks from 1 skien of yarn too! This is a great stash busting project.

Find the Crochet bookmark Pattern HERE by Jo to the World

4. Kitchen Scrubbies

These are a really great project that you will use every day. There is also a video tutorial for these scrubbies. You can actually get multiple scrubbies from 1 skein.

Find the Kitchen Scrubby Pattern HERE by Okie Girl Bling n Things

5. Sweet Stripes Hanging Baskets

You can even incorporate crochet with your plants! How awesome is that?!

Find the Sweet Stripes Hanging baskets Pattern HERE by Green Fox Farms Designs

6. Bobble Stitch Headband

Headbands are a fun crochet project that usually take a smaller amount of yarn. They also make for the perfect gift.

Find the Bobble Stitch Headband Pattern HERE by A Crafty Concept

7. Easy Crochet Cup Cozy

A few simple stitches and you can whip a few of these cup cozies in no time. Pair a cozy with a gift card to a coffee shop for a thoughtful and useful gift.

Find the Easy Cup Cozy Pattern HERE by A Crafty Concept

8. Lacy Scarf

This is a pattern that uses some basic stitches like double crochet stitches to make a scarf with a beautiful texture! Of course, using an ombre yarn always makes for a beautiful piece. This is maybe the most elegant of all of these one skein crochet patterns!

Find the Lacy Scarf Pattern HERE by Nana’s Crafty Home

9. Mini Octopi

I don’t know what’s cuter than these little octopi?! I actually have a purple one of these sitting on my desk where I work. It’s just one of the little things that makes you smile when you see it.

Find the Mini Octopus Pattern HERE by Okie Girl Bling n Things

10. Dog Bandana

Ok, maybe it does get cuter than the little octopi. I don’t know, but this may just be the cutest item on the list. Of course, the cute puppy makes it adorable! Make your fur baby a stylish bandana with this free crochet pattern.

Find the Dog Bandana Crochet Pattern HERE by Blue Star Crochet

11. Little Fictions Shawl

This shawl is made using fingering weight yarn. It would be perfect for the Summer time. It’s such a pretty one skein shawl pattern. I’d say it’s more on the advanced beginner level.

Find the Little Fictions Shawl Pattern HERE by Annie Design Crochet

12. Done in One Beanie

This one skein pattern is a super warm and cozy beanie. It’s made with a wool, bulky weight yarn and seriously takes less than an hour to crochet!

Find the Done in One Beanie Pattern HERE by a Crocheted Simplicity

13. Ridged Fingerless Gloves

These are a great one skein crochet pattern that uses simple stitches. Pair these with a crochet headband or beanie and they make the perfect crochet gift sets.

Find the Ridged Crochet Fingerless Gloves HERE by My Crochet Space

14. Simple Fringed Wall Hanging

This is a simple project that would be great for your first wall hanging if you have never crocheted one before.

Find the Simple Fringed Wall Hanging Pattern HERE by You Should Craft

15. Reusable Face Scrubby Mitt

This is the perfect pattern for those random skeins of cotton yarn that you probably have laying around! The good news is that you can throw them into the washing machine and reuse them!

Find the Reusable Face Scrubby Mitt Pattern HERE by Yarn Craftee

16. Sherbet Stripes Tote

This tote is made by using a single skein of yarn! It’s a quick crochet project that would be very useful!

Find the Sherbet Stripes Tote Pattern HERE by Moogly

17. Easy Washcloths

This is another super quick pattern that uses cotton, worsted weight yarn. They would also make for a practical crochet gift paired with some fancy soap.

Find the Easy Washcloth Pattern HERE by Okie Girl Bling n Things

18. Bricktown Slouchy Beanie

This awesome beanie is made from a rectangle at first, how cool is that?! Crochet hats are always so fun to make

Find the Bricktown Slouchy Beanie Pattern HERE by Heart Hook Home

19. Newborn Hat & Booties

Yes, you can get both the hat and the booties made out of one ball of yarn! This is also a super quick crochet pattern.

Find the Newborn Hat & Booties Pattern HERE by Okie Girl Bling n Things

20. Face Scrubbies

These are a super easy one-skein crochet project. Although, it may be more of just a scrap yarn project, lol. They are a great project to use cotton leftover yarn for.

Find the Face Scrubbies Pattern HERE by Okie Girl Bling n Things

21. Fruit Hammock

This is a cool way to keep all your fruit in one place and incorporate crochet!

Find the Fruit Hammock Pattern HERE by Heart Hook Home

22. Dino Baby Lovey

I’m not kidding when I say that you can make this lovey with just one skein of yarn! It uses a cake yarn and works up perfectly!

Find the Dino Baby Lovey Pattern HERE by Okie Girl Bling n Things

23. Easy Twist Headband

This super easy headband is made with a bulky yarn, so it works up in a jiffy! You can actually get 2 headbands out of 1 skein!

Find the Easy Twist Headband Pattern HERE by Okie Girl Bling n Things

24. One Skein Bulky Beanie

Here’s another free crochet hat pattern. I especially love that it’s not only a 1 skein beanie, but it’s also made with a bulky yarn!

Find the One Skein Bulky Beanie Pattern HERE by Okie Girl Bling n Things

25. Simple Crochet Scarf

Yes, you can even crochet a long scarf with just one skein of yarn. Of course, It depends on what type of yarn you choose as to whether 1 skein will work or not. It definitely has to be a skein that has a bigger amount of yardage.

Find the Simple Crochet Scarf Pattern HERE by Jo to the World

26. Water Bottle Holder

This is a great idea as sometimes you just feel like you need an extra hand to carry your bottle of water.

Find the Water Bottle Holder Pattern HERE by Jo to the World

27. Thick Potholder

These are super handy to make to have in the kitchen. They use a special stitch that is really thick so you won’t burn yourself when messing with a hot pan or lid.

Find the Thick Potholder Pattern HERE by My Crochet Space

I hope that you have enjoyed this round up filled with one skein crochet patterns! Now you should be ready to grab your yarn and crochet hook and get busy! Happy Crocheting!

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