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I know that a lot of times, Summer is the season that everyone probably crochets the least! But, that’s understandable! It’s hot and who wants to mess with lots of yarn (especially blankets.). So, I decided to throw together a little summer crochet pattern round up with some great projects that will be neat to make in the hot weather!

All are summer themed, hello Flamingos, Watermelons & Pineapples! I mean, you just have to crochet something with pineapples or watermelons during the summer, right?

And, did I mention that all the patterns linked in this round up are FREE??? YES! Enjoy!

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1. Flamingo Applique

I have to start out with this adorable little flamingo appliqué by A Plush Pineapple

Come on, how cute is this?! I absolutely love it!!!! On her blog, she has a picture of this little appliqué on a cup cozy and it is so cute!

Find the FREE pattern HERE

2. Reusable Water Balloons

These were so popular last year and I bet they will be this year too! This is a free pattern by Left in Knots

These are great for kids. So much easier than filling and having to make 100 little balloons that will be popped in seconds. Just dip in water, toss and repeat!

Find the FREE pattern HERE

3. Crafty Watermelon Hanging

I love all things watermelon and this piece is no exception! Made by A Crafty Concept

I haven’t made one of these personally, but maybe I need too! I think the red one is my fave!

Find the FREE pattern HERE

4. Watermelon Dishcloths

These are such a cute idea! I haven’t ever thought about doing watermelon themed dishcloths until I saw these by Maria’s Blue Crayon

I think that these would even cute done in red instead of pink too!

Find the FREE pattern HERE

5. Watermelon Slice Amigurumi

Since I’m on a roll for a watermelon theme at the moment, I’ll include my pattern for my watermelon slice

I love all things watermelon, so I just knew that I had to make a amigurumi watermelon slice!

Find the FREE pattern HERE

6. Watermelon Coasters

These would be so cute on an outdoor patio table this Summer!

These would also make such cute gifts!

Find the FREE pattern HERE

7. Pineapple Hot Pad

On to the pineapples!!! This Pineapple hot pad would be so cute out on your kitchen counter as decor! By Petals to Picot

I love it! Find the FREE pattern HERE

8. Pineapple Applique

This is another cute little appliqué by A Plush Pineapple.

This little appliqué could be added to so many different projects!!!

Find the FREE pattern HERE

9. Mini Flamingo Amigurumi

Ok, everyone needs a cute little amigurumi flamingo! Pattern by Grace and Yarn

10. Flamingo Applique

Here is another version of a cute little flamingo appliqué. By Repeat Crafter Me

Find the FREE pattern HERE

11. Pineapple Amigurumi

If we have an amigurumi watermelon, then we have to have a pineapple too!

Find the FREE pattern HERE

12. Pineapple Applique

The final pattern that I will be sharing with y’all is another pineapple appliqué by Rescued Paw Designs (now known as Easy

Find the FREE pattern HERE

I hope that y’all have enjoyed this little summer crochet pattern round up that I have put together! I hope that you will go and make all the watermelons, pineapples and flamingos now!

Happy Crocheting!


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