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Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! Who needs a heart coasters crochet pattern? They are super quick and easy to whip up. One of the best things about them is that they use such a small amount of yarn, they are perfect for using up some of that scrap yarn you have laying around.

red and pink *** Post may contain affiliate links. I may earn a small commission off of at NO extra cost to you. ***

heart coasters laid on a concrete looking background.

They are such an easy crochet pattern that it literally takes me just a few minutes to make one! You could have a whole set of coasters made in no time with this easy pattern.

What Yarn I used for the Crochet Heart Coasters

Cotton yarn works best for these heart coasters. For the pink ones, I used I Love this Cotton yarn from Hobby Lobby in the color pink. For the Red one, I used Lion Brand 24/7 Cotton in the color red.

Basically any worsted weight yarn that is 100% cotton will work best for this pattern. If you are like me, then you probably have a bunch of cotton yarn already on hand that you could use.

I was actually surprised that I had some pink cotton yarn on hand because I’m not a super big fan of pink, so I wasn’t sure that I would have any. This idea came to me last week and I looked and guess what? I had part of a skein of I Love This Cotton in pink, in my stash!

I’m not sure what I had bought it for to make with it, I can’t remember. That’s how long it’s been in my stash, LOL. Because I typically don’t have a lot of use for pink, cotton yarn. But, Valentine’s Day has to have some crocheted red and pink heart coasters? Right?!

How to Crochet the Heart Coasters

The Heart coasters are crocheted from the bottom up and then split at the top to work on each, top side of the heart. I have included lots of pictures below in the written tutorial to help guide you, along with even a video tutorial if you happen to get stuck anywhere.

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Let’s be Friends!

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Heart Coasters Crochet Pattern

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Things you will need:

  • I Love This Cotton in Pink and Lion Brand 24/7 Cotton in Red OR other cotton yarn
  • I / 5.50mm Crochet Hook
  • Yarn Needle
  • Scissors


  • Each coaster is approx. 5” wide x 4.75” tall


  • 14 st x 8 r = 4” in SC


  • Sc = single crochet
  • Dc = double crochet
  • Sc2tog = single crochet 2 stitches together
  • T = turn
  • Sk = skip
  • Sl st = slip stitches
  • Ch = chain
  • St = stitch (es)

Special Stitch(es)

  • Single Crochet 2 Stitches Together = insert hook into stitch, pull up loop (2 loops on hook), insert hook into next stitch and pull up a loop (3 loops on hook), yarn over and pull through all 3 loops on hook.


Row 1: ch 2, sc in 2nd ch from hook. (1)

Row 2: ch 1, t, 2 sc in st. (2)

Row 3: ch 1, t, 2 sc in each st. (4)

Row 4: ch 1, t, 2 sc in 1st st, sc in each st across until you reach the last st, 2 sc in very last st. (6)

Row 5: ch 1, t, 2 sc in 1st st, sc in each st across. (7)

Repeat row 5 until you have 16 st across. (row 14)

Row 15: ch 1, t, 2 sc in 1st, sc in 7 st. (9)

Row 16: ch 1, t, sc2tog, sc in 5 st, sc2tog. (7)

Row 17: ch 1, t, sc2tog, sc in 3 st, sc2tog. (5)

Row 18: ch 1, t, sc2tog, sc, sc2tog. (3)

Row 19: ch 1, t, sc2tog, sc. (2)

Cut yarn and attach it to the other side of the heart

Repeat rows 15 – 19 for the other side of the heart.

Do not cut yarn, ch 1 and evenly sc all the way around the heart. Cut yarn and weave in all ends

I hope that you have found this tutorial helpful! I love to see what everyone makes using inspiration from my blog! So, whether you make this heart coasters crochet pattern or another one of my easy crochet patterns, Be sure to tag me @okiegirlblingnthings on Instagram so I can see!

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