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Who wants to learn how to hand knit with this super cozy and squishy yarn?! I asked this on my Facebook page and a lot of y’all responded and said y’all would like to learn. One lady mentioned it would be great so she could teach her grandchildren and it wouldn’t involve crochet hooks or knitting needles. Which is a great idea because, I know my brothers like to think of knitting needles as swords, LOL.

I think this would be a great projects for kids. It’s an easy project that works up fairly quickly. And, the end product is a squishy, warm blanket that they will be able to use for a long time.

I used 4 (10.5 oz) skeins of Bernat Blanket Big Yarn in the color Gray. My blanket is 30 st wide and 40 rows long. It measures approx 38” x 48”

I will show you everything from start to finish. From how to make a slip knot to how to pick up a dropped stitch and bind off.

You can keep scrolling to see the written tutorial with lots of pictures or watch my YouTube tutorial


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Things you will need:


Step #1.

To start, with the end of your yarn, we will make a slip knot. To make a slip knot, wrap the end of your yarn around your hand twice.

Pull the back loop (loop on the left) over the front loop

Pull the back loop over the front loop again

Now, grab the back loop and pull it.

You have now made a slip knot

Leave the slip knot loop big enough to where you can fit your thumb and first finger through it.

Step #2

Place you thumb and first finger through the loop and grab the working yarn

Pull the working yarn through the loop

You have made 1 stitch. Keep repeating step #2 until you have desired number of stitches. I usually make my stitches about as tall as my thumb, but for this starting row, pull them just a little bit longer than normal. This will help to keep the blanket straight at the bottom and avoid it curling in.


My blanket is 30 st wide and 40 rows long. It measures approx 38” x 48”

Step #3 how to go down the row.

lay your row of stitches in front of you with your working yarn behind your stitches

Now, pull your working yarn through the loop

Continue pulling the yarn through each stitch and making loops all the way down

Step #4

Now, to do another row, place your working yarn back behind the row of loops

Pull the working yarn through the first loop and continue pulling the working yarn through each loop all the way across

How to Pick up a Dropped Stitch

Sometimes when you go to do another row, you may find what looks like this

All that happens is that the one stitch becomes undone and falls behind the loop from the previous row.

All you will need to do is insert your thumb and first finger in the loop in front of the strand of yarn

and grab the strand of yarn and pull it through the loop

you have picked the dropped stitch.

How to Bind Off

When your blanket reaches the desired length, it is time to bind off.

Step #1 To bind off, work the first 2 stitches like normal

put your thumb and 1st finger through both loops

Step #2 pull the working yarn through both loops

you have binded off the 1st 2 stitches.

Step #3 To continue, work the next stitch as normal pulling up a loop

Step #4 Pull the working yarn through both loops

Continue repeating steps 3 and 4 all the way across. After you pull the working yarn through the last 2 loops, cut your yarn and weave in the ends.

Enjoy your newly, hand knitted blanket!

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