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Right now, I think my favorite thing to make is baby stuff and loveys are at the top of my list! And, it may be because a special friend of mine just had her second baby! I made a special blanket for her little boy, which you can find here

I’m currently working on 2 baby loveys. One is a pattern that I have already designed and the other is a new pattern that will be coming soon!

I just love the idea of loveys because it gives the baby something that they can hold and snuggle and that they will use time and time again as they get older. I think they make wonderful keepsakes!

I won’t bore y’all with a lot of talking and get right into all the FREE (did I mention that all of these patterns are FREE patterns?!) Crochet Lovey Patterns.

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Free Crochet Lovey Patterns

I’ll start with a couple from Sewrella. I haven’t made either of these loveys, yet! But, I have been looking at them for awhile on my Pinterest and may have to make them sometime soon!

(Click on the pictures to take you to the pattern)

I absolutely love this little lamb lovey! I love how the back of it’s little head is textured to replicate the wool.

Of course, this bunny lovey looks so soft and squishy! And, look at the little bow detail!

This next lovey is by Loops and Love Crochet. I love how she incorporated the brighter colors into it. And, of course, I’m a big cat lover!

This puppy is also made in my favorite color….purple! I love purple and grey together.

This is one of my own patterns. I actually only used one skein (plus some black scrap yarn for the eyes and nose) to make the whole lovey!

I’ve never made a giraffe lovey, yet. I have wanted to make one in the past and this one is so cute!

The color work on these 2 loveys is just gorgeous! I definitely need to put these on my list to make sometime in the future. These are by Whistle and Ivy

Ok, does it get any cuter than this sweet little pengiun?! By 1 Dog Woof

I love bright colors, so this blue octopus stood out for me. I love different shades of blue together!

I’ve made this Elephant lovey in multiple colors just using a worsted weight yarn. I like mixing the grey and another bright color.

There is 10 awesome and adorable baby lovey patterns. I hope that this has helped you to find a new project to start!

Happy crocheting!

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