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I’ve put together this round up to help give you some ideas on what you can create using the plaid stitch.

Trust me, plaid isn’t near as hard as you might think! Take a little time to practice this stitch you’ll have it down in no time.

If you need to know how to crochet plaid or maybe need your mind refreshed on this stitch, check out my Tutorial for it here

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The Patterns!

(Click on the Pictures for the patterns)

I’ll start with this adorable Moose Scarf by Repeat Crafter Me. This is so cute! Of course, she had a pretty cute model too

This Cowl pattern by Hooked on Homemade Happiness is absolutely Beautiful! I love the big buttons she added. I love details!

This C2C Plaid Bear Blanket is amazing done by E’Claire Makery. I’ve never seen a blanket quite like this one before, it’s absolutely stunning!

Here’s another version of a scarf made by Winding Road Crochet. I love how it is designed to be worn as a cowl or can be unbuttoned and worn long like a regular scarf.

I love this plaid accented baby blanket by Stitching Together. It’s so cute and a little adorable cutie holding it too!

Plaid Cup Cozy by Crochet 365 Knit too. Now you can even drink your coffee while sporting a super cute cup cozy! Love it!

This Blanket by Blackstone Designs is so pretty! I love how she incorporated the white fur yarn into the design!

This finishes up all the patterns that I will be putting in this particular post! Be sure to follow me (here) on Facebook to see when I release new patterns and posts.

Happy crocheting y’all!

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