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The Garter Stitch may just be the most highly used stitch of all knitting history. It’s simple yet has a beautiful look and texture to it. The best thing about the garter stitch is that you only need to know how to knit 1 type of stitch to make it.

Here’s what it looks like –

The Garter Stitch is usually the very 1st stitch pattern that most beginner knitters learn to use. I know that when I learned to knit, my very first completed knit project was a garter stitch scarf. I still have that scarf in my closet. And, I must say, that for it being my first that it actually turned out quite well!

After I started typing this, it made me curious to go pull out my scarf. I haven’t had it out in years! I had to show y’all!

What makes the Garter Stitch Unique?

As you can see, the garter stitch has a unique look and texture. It almost looks like little waves flowing through the fabric. One of the best things is that you only need to know how to do the Knit Stitch to create the garter stitch. It doesn’t take having to remember a complicated stitch pattern to make it, just 1 basic stitch.

The Garter stitch pattern is made from repeating multiple rows of the Knit Stitch. When you knit row after row, only using the knit stitch, it is considered the Garter Stitch.

It creates a stretchy, really textured fabric. It has almost this cushiony feel to it. It is completely reversible meaning it looks the exact same on both the wrong and right sides.

For this stitch, the number of stitches you cast on is not important, as any number of stitches will work depending on what you are making.

In this tutorial, I will not be showing you how to cast on. If you need to learn that technique, then you can find a separate post for that HERE.

What can you make with the Garter Stitch?

Well, let’s just say almost anything that can be knit, can be made with the garter stitch! From scarves, blankets, washcloths and potholders to sweaters, hats and shawls. The possibilities are endless with this stitch!

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For those of y’all that are visual learners, check out my video tutorial.

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How to knit the Garter Stitch –

Once you have cast on and have the number of stitches that you are wanting, you can now begin doing the garter stitch! Remember, you can cast on any number of stitches that you want.

Place the needle with the stitches on it, in your left hand and the empty needle in your right hand. Make sure the working yarn is in the back.

Row 1: Knit in each stitch across

If you do not know how to do the knit stitch, I’ll explain it below.

To do the Knit Stitch

Step 1: Place the right hand needle through the 1st stitch and under the left hand needle

Step 2: Wrap the yarn around the right hand needle

Step 3: Pull the yarn through the stitch

Step 4: Slide the stitch off the left hand needle

Repeat steps 1-4 for each stitch across

This is what it should look like after your first row

Row 2 and beyond: turn your work, always placing the needle with the unworked stitches in your left hand, yarn toward the back. Knit in each st across

This is what it should look like after you knit a few rows –

And, after you continue and work many rows, it should look like this

That’s how easy it is to knit the Garter Stitch!

I hope that you have found this tutorial helpful! I love to see what everyone makes using inspiration from my blog! Be sure to tag me @okiegirlblingnthings on Instagram so I can see!

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