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Today I’m going to show you how quick and easy it is to make pom poms.  I’m going to be using Boye pom pom makers.

Yes, you can use a piece of cardboard and cut it down, but really the pom pom makers are so worth the little bit they cost!  I have used cardboard and it seems harder to work with and when you want different sizes of poms and you want them all to be equal and you need to make a lot of them and so on….. Just buy the pom pom makers.

They come in a set in a plastic case with 8 pom pom makers and a tassel maker.  You can make a 1.5” to a 6” pom.  I got mine from Hobby Lobby.  It was $19.99 but I used my 40% off coupon and cut the cost nearly in half.  So, enough chatter from me, let’s make some poms!

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Things you’ll need

  • Yarn
  • Pom Pom Maker in your choice of size
  • A pair of Sharp Scissors


With a long tail wrap your yarn from left to right in the little grooves on the pom maker

Bring your working yarn over to the bottom middle of the maker and start to wrap around

Continue to wrap

Wrap until you can’t fit any more yarn on the maker.  Remember the more yarn you use the fuller the pom pom

Now, take your scissors and cut the single strand of yarn on the right side between the grooves.

Pull the single strand of yarn until you have equal lengths on both sides of the pom.

Tie a knot as tightly as you can.  This step helps if you have an extra set of hands.

Start cutting the yarn down the middle

Once you have cut all the way across, remove your pom pom maker.  Your pom will look something like this.

I know it doesn’t look very much like a pom pom, but all it needs is a little haircut.  When I trim my poms, I don’t cut the 2 strands of yarn that I knotted, so if I want to attach the poms to something it makes it easier.

And that’s it.  It’s neat to experiment with different types and weights of yarn to make different sizes of pom poms.  I especially like using multi color yarn.

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