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Making your own faux fur pom poms is super simple.  They are so easy, that I’m sure you’ll wonder why you didn’t start making them sooner!  Especially, if you are a crocheter or knitter, you need to know how to make your own pom poms.  It adds another step to the process but they just finish off hats.

And, they aren’t just for hats.  They are a statement piece all in themselves.  You can add them to key chains, scarves, and anything else you want to.

So, lets talk about the faux fur.  It comes in all color and styles.  I’ve seen everything from bright neon and rainbow colored fur to cheetah print and neutral colors.  I buy mine from Hobby Lobby and they have about 4 different kinds to choose from.  It is a little pricey, it’s $19.99 a yard, but you can use your 40% off coupon and that really helps.  But, also think of how many pom poms 1 yard will make, a lot, so you are really saving money by not having to buy pom poms from somebody else.

Sizing the pom poms is very easy.  I make 3” and 5” poms.  I use a wide mouth mason jar for my 3” poms and I use a scrap piece of construction paper for my 5” poms.  However many inches wide the piece you trace around is, is how big the pom pom will be.  So, my mason jar is 3” across and the poms come out 3” across.  The piece of cardboard I just drew a 5” wide circle and cut it out.

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  • Faux Fur of Your Choice
  • Yarn Needle
  • Scissors
  • Marker
  • Cup or bowl.  You can use practically anything circular, depending on what size poms you are wanting
  • Yarn or crochet thread
  • Scrap yarn or poly fil to stuff the poms with


First, you need to lay your faux fur out with the fur facing the ground.  Then, place your cup (or whatever your using to trace around) on the back of the fur.

Go ahead and trace around the cup.

Once you have traced all the way around, your going to cut around on the line that you just traced.

Cut a good length of yarn and attach it to your yarn needle.  With the backside facing you, insert your needle through the material and back through about 1/4” away from where you inserted it.  Tie a knot.

Now, all your going to do is weave back and forth through the material in little sections close to the edge.

When you reach the place where you started, pull the yarn slightly so that the edges will start to curl up.

Now, stuff your pom with scrap yarn or polyfil.

Gently pull the yarn and close the pom shut.

Now, all you need to do is tie the pom shut.  What I do, is find the edge of the material on one side and push the needle through to the other side through the material and then make a knot.  I leave the tail on them so I can attach them to my hats.

And that’s all there is to making your own faux fur pom poms!

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