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Are you wanting to add some cool, crochet pieces to your car, but don’t know what to make? Then this post is for you! It’s filled with 15 Crochet Car Accessories Patterns!

15 FREE Crochet Car accessory Patterns

What all can you crochet for your car?

You may be thinking that the only thing you can crochet for you car is a steering wheel cover. I’m here to tell you that there are many different things that you can make. Some of the different things include Vent Clips, Car Visor Holders, Plant Hangers that hang from the car mirror and more!

Most of these will make for a great gift idea for your car loving enthusiast. Customize any piece with your favorite colors like hot pinks and cool blues to what you like.

Most of these patterns use basic crochet stitches like single crochet, double crochet, treble crochet and slip stitch. So, even if you are on the beginner side, I’m sure you can find something to make for your car.

***I do want to add. For all these pattens, please use at your own risk and contact your insurance provider if you have any questions***

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1. Flower Car Vent Clip

Crochet Flower Vent Clip

This is such a quick project that would add a pop of color to your car. You can also add essential oil to it if you make it with cotton yarn and it serves as a double purpose.

Find the Flower Car Vent Clip Pattern HERE by Heart Hook Home.

2. Macrochet Mini Hanging Planter

macrame mini planter rearview mirror hanger

This planter would be perfect to hang from your rear view mirror. It resembles macrame but it is actually crocheted.

Find the Macrochet Mini Hanging planter HERE by Days Crochet & Knit

3. Car Visor Sunglasses Holder

Car Visor Sunglasses Holder Pattern

This is a super handy and great pattern. Keep your sunglasses from being thrown around in the console and getting all scratched up.

Find the Car Visor Sunglasses Holder Pattern HERE by Heart Hook Home

4. Seat Belt Cover

Seat Belt Cover Crochet Pattern

This Free Crochet Pattern helps so much, especially if you are on the shorter side like me. Even if you lower the seatbelt all the way, sometimes it’s still not low enough and rubs my neck. You could use any type of yarn for this pattern like acrylic yarn or cotton yarn.

Find the Seat Belt Cover Pattern HERE by Okie Girl Bling n Things

5. Car Coasters

Car Coasters

When made with a cotton yarn, you can easily wash these car coasters. They will help keep your cup holders clean and when they get dirty, toss them into the wash.

Find the Car Coasters Crochet Pattern HERE by Love to Stay Home

6. Collapsible Sun Shade

Collapsible Car Shade Pattern

This is a great way to keep your car a bit cooler in the Summertime! It’s also the perfect way to add the perfect, colorful crochet touch to your car.

Find the Collapsible Car Shade Pattern HERE by Heart Hook Home

7. Retro Granny Square Steering Wheel Cover

Retro Granny Square Steerign Wheel Cover Pattern

Steering wheel covers are great for using on a hot summer day. Even if you don’t want to drive with it on the steering wheel, you can still put it on the steering wheel when you get out of your car so the next time you drive you don’t burn your fingers when you touch the steering wheel.

Find the Retro Granny Square Steering Wheel Cover Pattern HERE by Okie Girl Bling n Things.

8. Car Seat Cushion

Car Seat Cushion

OK, this may be the most useful / best crochet pattern in this round up. If you get tired of sitting for long periods of time and drive a lot, this cushion could help. You may want to make a couple and keep one in your own vehicle and maybe another for your spouses vehicle too.

Find the Car Seat Cushion Pattern HERE by Heart Hook Home

9. Car Trunk Cargo Net

Car Trunk Cargo Net Pattern

Tired of your groceries rolling all around the trunk of your car? Solve that problem with this free pattern. Talk about a super useful pattern!

Find the Car Trunk Cargo Net Pattern HERE by Heart Hook Home

10. Boho Steering Wheel Cover

Boho Steering wheel cover pattern

This is another cute crochet steering wheel cover pattern. Crochet one in any color combination to match any style!

Find the Boho Steering Wheel Cover Pattern HERE by North of Normal Knots

11. Car Waste Basket

Car waste basket Pattern

This is the right size for throwing away small items like water bottles, straw wrappers or napkins. It hangs around the head rest of the front seat so it’s perfect for even tiny cars.

Find the Car Waste Basket Pattern HERE by Heart Hook Home

12. Travel Pillow

Travel Pillow Pattern

As long as you aren’t the driver, this is a great thing to use in the car! You could even make them smaller for kids so when they fall asleep in the car to keep their heads up.

Find the Travel Pillow Pattern HERE by Heart Hook Home

13. Ice Scraper Mitt

Ice Scraper Mitt

Tired of cold hands when you scrape the ice off your windshields in the winter? This glove can help keep your fingers warm! Just always keep it with the ice scraper and it will always be handy.

Find the Ice Scraper Mitt Pattern HERE by Stitches n Scraps

14. Super Soft Seat Belt Cover

Super Soft Seat Belt Cover

This is a super cozy seat belt cover. It would be so much softer than the old seat belt rubbing your neck. These would also make the perfect gift that anyone would love to have.

Find the Super Soft Seat Belt Cover Pattern HERE by Heart Hook Home

15. Fancy Steering Wheel Cover

Fancy Steering Wheel Cover

This is a fun take on traditional steering wheel cover patterns. You could make one in any bright colored yarn.

Find the Fancy Steering Wheel Cover HERE by Heart Hook Home

That wraps up this round up for crochet car accessories patterns! I hope that you have found a fun challenge to crochet and deck your car out with! So, go grab your crochet hook and favorite yarn and get crocheting!

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