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Do you know someone that really likes to crochet and you are trying to figure out what the best gift would be for them? Well, look no farther! I have put together this list of 15 of the best gift ideas for Crocheters.

No matter whether you are hunting for a Birthday Gift or a gift just because for a family member or a special friend, I have it covered! And, you may ask, ”How does she know what a crocheter would want?” That’s because I’m a crochet lover myself! So, I know just what a great gift idea for any crocheter would be!

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What Gift should I Buy for Someone Who Crochets?

The first thing that probably pops into your head will be yarn, but unless someone specifically requests that as a gift, I’d steer clear of that. The reason being, there are so many different brands, types, fibers and colors of yarn that if you don’t crochet, you probably won’t know exactly what yarn to buy. Trust me, not all yarn is good yarn. I often tell people to buy me gift cards to my favorite craft store, that way I can pick out the exact type and color of yarn that I want.

But, I’ll move on to my list of gift ideas for Crocheters to give you more ideas!

If you are really stuck on what to get your best friend (or whoever it may be), just ask them! Chances are, they probably have a list and know round about what they want. This is a way to avoid getting them something that they may never use, but it will still be a thoughtful gift.

#1. Gift Card to Their Favorite Craft Store

This is my #1 gift idea that I usually tell people when they ask (like my grandmothers at Christmas time, LOL) me what I want. This way I can buy yarn, hooks, or any other craft supplies that I may want and it makes it way easier on them.

Here is a list of popular craft stores that most crocheters would shop at whether in person or online

  • Jo-Ann
  • Micheals
  • Hobby Lobby
  • Or if you know of a Local Yarn Shop that they like

#2. Ergonomic and Pretty Crochet Hooks

Personally, I could never have enough crochet hooks! THESE Clover Armour Crochet Hooks are my absolute favorite set of hooks that I’ve ever owned! They are bright, colorful and fun. I’ve seen many other crocheters who really want a set and they are on their wish list, but haven’t wanted to splurge on them for themselves.

Furls crochet hooks are also a very Special Ergonomic crochet hooks that lots of crocheters love!

Furls Crochet hooks

If you are unsure on what size, I’d recommend one of the following sizes as they are typically more commonly used

  • 5.00mm / H
  • 5.50mm / I
  • 6.00mm / J
  • 6.50mm / K

These are 4 of the sizes that I would choose to receive as a gift, as I’d use them the most!

#3. Yarn Bowl

A pretty yarn bowl to set your yarn in as you crochet, so you don’t have to chase your yarn all over the couch is such a nice thing! They come in all varieties and styles from ceramic to wood, colorful to neutral.

Unicorn yarn Bowl gift ideas for crocheters

I love my unicorn one from 3AMGraceDesigns, find it HERE. This comes form a small business and I love supporting Small Businesses!

#4. Yarn Winder and Swift

This is definitely on the ‘Unique Gifts’ list of the crochet gift ideas for a crochet enthusiast. I crocheted many years before I ever received a yarn swift for a Christmas present. It makes for winding hanks of yarn so much easier! But, you also need the yarn winder. I listed them together because they really go hand in hand!

Yarn Swift Gift ideas for crocheters

Here’s the yarn swift that I have HERE and the yarn ball winder HERE

#5. Project Bag

Every crocheter needs a great crochet tote bag to take their project on the go with them. This is a great idea so they can easily pack all their yarn, scissors, stitch markers, pom pom makers, yarn needles, crochet hooks ( knitting needles if they knit ) and any other accessories they may need along with their crochet project. Yarn bags come in many different sizes and colors, so if you know what their favorite color is, chances are, you can find a bag in that color!

Crochet Project Bag

This is a great option that comes in different colors HERE

#6. Crochet Stitch Dictionary Book

I have THIS Crochet Stitch Dictionary Book and I love it! I get so many different ideas from it when I get stuck and don’t know what I want to make. It’s packed full of step by step photos too! Makes learning new techniques and new stitches easier.

#7. Crochet or Yarn T-Shirts

This one is such a good idea. Your crocheting friend is sure to love this practical gift. I love looking for crochet or yarn themed t-shirts on Etsy as they have such a unique selection of handmade gifts.

#8. Yarn Puzzle

This is a great way to combine 2 hobbies with a fun project! The love of yarn and putting puzzles together. Amazon has a selection of different ones.

#9. Stitch Markers

These are small items that make great stocking stuffers if it’s around Christmas time. You can get plain ones and you can also buy fancy ones. I love looking on Etsy for them as they have such a large selection of unique gift ideas for stitch markers. Trust me, they may seem like a small gift but they are a very useful gift too!

#10. Yarn Mug or Tumbler

Yes, this may sound crazy, but if you love yarn then your crochet friend will absolutely love a yarn or crochet themed tumbler. I love THIS ONE on Etsy!

#11. Yarn Stickers

I personally love stickers! Whether adding them to my favorite tumbler or notebook, there are lots of places to stick them. A Crafty Concept on Etsy is my favorite place to buy crochet or yarn related stickers

#12. Compression Gloves

Before you say, ”why would anyone want compressions gloves?” If you are an avid crocheter and crochet items for many hours a day, then your hands can get sore and ache. Compression gloves can help soothe achy hands and make them feel better. Like THESE

#13. Crochet Hook Case

This is a great way to organize all those hooks and stitch markers and keep them all in 1 place. Like THIS ONE. This one might should have been moved up on the list of ” Gift Ideas for Crocheters.”

#14. Blocking Mats

These are important especially for crocheters who makes projects that require a lot of blocking. Find them HERE

#15. Wool Wash

This makes a great addition to go with the blocking mats. Because to block a finished piece, you have to wet it and adding a little bit of wool wash to the water will help it to smell wonderful! Find it HERE

I hope that you enjoyed this post for gift ideas for crocheters. Whether your looking for a gift during the holiday season or for mom for Mother’s Day, I’m sure you can find the perfect crochet gift idea that they are sure to love!

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