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In honor of buying my 1st ever Cricut, Which I’m totally obsessed with, I thought what a better way to break it in than to make some yarn themed decals to add to all the things! Of which, I will be offering my Yarn Life SVG for FREE, you can find a link to download below!

I mean you can literally put this on anything! I’ve already put it on water bottles, can cozies & a tote bag.

From the moment that I got my Cricut, I knew that I would be adding vinyl to literally everything, lol. So, I hope y’all are ready for a whole lot of crafty tutorials and patterns. As for the SVG files, I will be offering them all for FREE to download here on my blog.

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The best thing about SVG files is that you can size them up or down to fit on basically anything! From a T shirt to a can cozy, it will look great on anything!

The Supplies

And, I know y’all are probably asking where did I buy the can cozies and the tote bag? I got mine in bulk off of Amazon. I have probably gotten way to happy here lately with Amazon because I have ordered so many things to put vinyl on. I’m definitely keeping our Fed-Ex, UPS & USPS people very busy 😂

Anyway, I’ll link the supplies down below. And, yes, I’m an Amazon Affiliate. So, anything purchased through these links lets me earn a small commission from the sale at NO additional cost to you. This is just a way for bloggers to make a little extra income, all while making all our downloads FREE to you!  🥰

  • 100% Cotton Tote Bags. These are the absolute perfect size and they come in many other colors! I love using these for HTV. Find them HERE
  • Can Cozies. I love the bright vibrant colors that these cozies come in. You can buy them in multi color packs or in just solid color packs. Find them HERE

Y’all want to know where I found these water bottles? I ran across them at the Dollar Tree! Yes, that’s right! Only $1 apiece. So, if you live anywhere near a Dollar Tree, I would highly recommend checking them out to see if they have any.

They are perfect to add vinyl to them. I made each of my brothers one and put a fish on one side and their name on the other. Perfect customizable water bottles ever!

How to Download –

To download the Yarn Life SVG simply –

  1. Click the link below. This should open the image up in a new tab in Google Drive.
  2. Up in the Right hand corner there should be a download symbol, click that to download and save to your computer or smartphone.
  3. Then, simply upload the design into Cricut Design Space and get crafting!

You are more than welcome to sell anything that you make with the decals and as always, link it back to me if you can! I’d love for you to tag me on IG or Facebook so I can see all of your creations too! There are absolutely NO LICENSING fees. I was so discouraged after I would spend time searching Pinterest to try and find FREE SVG files, only to be told to sell products with their images I had to buy a commercial license. That’s not free, lol. So, I quickly decided to give them to you for FREE, no strings attached anywhere. Enjoy!

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