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Hello everyone! It’s time for my April 2023 Income Report along with all my traffic details.

I originally started posting my income reports because I wanted to help inspire and motivate others about what YOU can achieve! I’m just a normal person with no fancy college degrees or with 20 years of SEO experience (I’m only 26, haha) and if I can do this, so can YOU!

I do want to mention that I share these income reports in NO way to brag or boast, but to help INSPIRE someone else! I remember before I started blogging checking out another lady’s income reports and that is what really helped to motivate and give me a drive to start my own blog.

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You may be wondering why I would even want to put my income out there, let’s be honest, it’s kinda of a scary thing to do. I just want to help INSPIRE someone else, because this is what truly inspired me to start my blog.

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Anyway, on to my April 2023 income & traffic report!


I’ll first break down exactly where my income came from, what each source is and then all my blogging fees for the month.

  • Mediavine – $3,400.41
  • Etsy – $776.45
  • YouTube – $217.99
  • Affiliate – $179.23

Grand total = $4,574.08

  1. Mediavine – This is a full service, ad management company. This is who places and manages all the ads that you see on my blog. Every time someone clicks on one of those ads, I make a small percentage off of it.
  2. Etsy – This is where my patterns sales come from.
  3. YouTube – This money comes from the ads placed on all my YouTube videos and tutorials.
  4. Affiliate – I lump all the money I make from different affiliates in this sum because it can come from different places like Amazon Affiliates and other affiliates (whether for yarn, crochet hooks, supplies) linked on my blog. Also it can be part of pattern bundles that I do some months with other designers.


Here are this months fees

  • Etsy fees – $155.89
  • Flodesk – $19.00
  • Canva – $12.95
  • Tailwind – $19.99

Total for fees = $207.83

When you subtract the fees from the total income…

Profit for April 2023 = $4,366.25

*Note that this is before taxes. Taxes are harder to figure up, so I do put money back each month for that. But, this still gives you a pretty good idea of what I bring home.

  1. Rank IQ – I upgraded my plan last month and was actually paid ahead for a month, so I didn’t have this fee this month. RankIQ is an AI-powered SEO toolset. Meaning that it finds keywords that help you to write posts that rank on the 1st page of Google. It is such a timesaver and I can’t recommend it highly enough! I’ve been using it for almost 8 months so far and can see how it’s helping. If you are like me and don’t know very much about SEO, you will want to use Rank IQ. I wish that I had found it when I first started my blog 5 years ago! It’s something that I highly recommend to all bloggers!
  2. Flodesk This is my Email subscription service. It is hands down the most affordable option that I have found to send emails to my subscribers without breaking the bank. No matter how many subscribers that you accumulate, the pricing stays the same! Most email subscription services charge more as you get more subscribers. I’ve seen many where this can cost 100’s of dollars each month. Flodesk is truly the most reasonable and best!
  3. Canva – This is a graphic design website where I make ALL of my Pinterest pins, cover photos and other graphics that I need for my blog. I even type up my PDFs of my patterns in Canva. There are seriously so many things that you can do with Canva, I can’t even think of them all! This is a tool that EVERY blogger needs and will want to utilize. I do have the pro version, but they do have a free version that you can try out to see if you like it!
  4. Tailwind – I use Tailwind to schedule all of my Pinterest pins so they will pin automatically for me to different boards. There is a place to schedule pins right on Pinterest, but if you want to schedule 1 pin to multiple boards, Tailwind is such a time saver. Plus, it even does more than just schedule Pinterest pins, it can automatically publish content for you on other social media platforms too!

Traffic Report

Now, let’s break down my traffic so you can see exactly how many people it took to come through my website to get these numbers.

Here’s what my traffic in April 2023 looked like

In total I had 106,195 views for my entire blog in April 2023. You can see where my traffic mostly came from. The top 2 traffic referrers were search engines (which is mostly Google search) and Pinterest.

And, under the WordPress Android App, 7,081 of those views came from Pinterest also. So, I actually had 20,758 views in total just from Pinterest.

A Few FYI’s about April 2023

Sadly, it’s that time of year with the weather warming that people tend to crochet less and that means a drop in my traffic. April is also the 1st month of a new quarter and that means the RPM’s drop too.

A combination of this made my ad earnings from Mediavine drop for this month.

(RPM’s have to do with my Mediavine ad earnings, but I won’t get all techy with that and bore you.)

But, my expenses weren’t very much this month. Mostly due to me not selling my crochet mystery boxes. That did make my Etsy sales drop a good bit, but it saved me a lot of expenses and work.

I hope that this April 2023 income report has helped to inspire and motivate you to start your own blog and give it a go!

If you want to look into starting you own blog, then be sure to check out THIS POST!

I’m beyond thankful that pattern designing and this blog has turned into my full time job! I feel like I have been so blessed with this opportunity.

I thank the Lord daily for leading me to start my blog years ago. It has brought so many blessings into my life and I never want to take them for granted.

“God be merciful unto us, and bless us; and cause His face to shine upon us; Selah. That Your Way may be known upon earth, Your saving health among all nations. Let the people praise You, O God; let all the people praise You. O let the nations be glad and sing for joy: for You shall judge the people righteously, and govern the nations upon earth. Selah. Let the people praise You, O God; let all the people praise You. Then shall the earth yield her increase; and God, even our own God, shall bless us. God shall bless us; and all the ends of the earth shall fear Him.”

Psalms 67: 1-7

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